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If you accept the car "as is" that means you have looked at it and are satisfied and do not want any warrantee.

as is = buyer beware

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Q: Can you get your money back if you bought a car with an 'as is' warranty if the transmission is slipping before thirty days?
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You bought this car less than 17 days ago and the transmission is acting up Who is responsible?

If there is no warranty, you are. If you bought it with a warranty does it say it covers the transmission or complete drivetrain? Have you checked the transmission fluid level?

What could cause what seems like the transmission slipping on a 2000 mercury cougar?

my son bought a 1996 cougar that felt like the transmition was slipping and we had the transmission flushed and it fixed it.

What do you do if you bought a car and the transmission line came out causing the transmission to blow?

If you have a warranty, take it back to the dealership for repair. If you don't have a warranty, then you are responsible for all repairs.

What happens when you buy a car that's promised to work properly and find out it needs a new transmission?

If you bought it "as is" and with no warranty you are out of luck. You will be buying a new transmission.

Can you return a vehicle in 30 days?

You cannot return a vehicle. If you bought the used car "AS IS" with no warranty then you bought it as is, which means, exactly that, AS IS. If however you bought it with a warranty then the warranty may cover the repair.

How can I find out the details for my new car extended warranty?

I have boughten used car warranty before and went through state farm insurance company. The new car warranty should be in the package you get when you bought car that show you all warranty that is offered.

If the transmission fails before the new owner has put 100 miles on the vehicle is the seller liable for repairs?

Depends! If you bought the car "As Is", then you bought the car "As Is" and there is no warranty except an implied warranty of serviceability. The car ran for the first 100 miles so it was serviceable. If they told you either verbally or in writing that they guaranteed the car to be in good condition, you may have a case in small claims court. Did you have the car looked at by a trusted mechanic before buying? You may feel they knew the transmission was bad and they may have, but it is also possible they did not. A transmission can fail without warning. Also in some states, a used car dealer is required to give you a 30 day warranty in any case. Check with your state Attorney General.

If you put 1500 dollars down on a car and drive it for 2 weeks and the transmission goes out do you have any rights?

If you bought the car "as is," then no, you have no legal recourse. That's why you always have a mechanic check out a used car before you sign. If on the other hand you bought the car from a reputable dealer that offered a warranty, then you MIGHT be covered. It would have to be determined whether or not the transmission failed due to your negligence or not. Good luck with that.

Do lynx grills have a warranty?

Yes lynx grills have a warranty but the extent of the warranty may vary depending on where the grill is bought from.

What do you do if you bought 2 cars from a dealer and they both broke down can you get your money back?

No, but if you bought them with a warranty you can get them repaired. If you bought them, "AS IS" then you are stuck.Added:Many states have a 500 mile, 10, or 30 day warranty rule on used cars. After that you are on your own unless the cars are under warranty.

What are suggested services to prolong transmission life for 2004 Honda odyssey with automatic transmission?

Make sure the transmission is never (NEVER) overfilled! Bought one (HONDA Certified Used Car) with the extended warranty and all the service checks before getting out of the dealership. Seems the tech slightly overfilled the transmission when topping off the fluids and pressure built up in the transmission and cracked the case! Good Note!!--Honda took care of the cost of a new (remanufactured) transmission.

Do you get an automatic 1 year warranty on itouch if bought at target?

No. You only get the warranty oif you buy it at apple

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