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No because when you are removing the retainer it can quite easily get caught on the tongue ring. This will cause pain and displeasure, it can even rip the ring out. An infection is also much more likely to occur because you produce far more saliva with a retainer.

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Q: Can you get your tongue pierced with a retainer that you wear all the time?
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Can you get your tongue pierced with braces?

Yes you can. Tongue piercings won't mess up the alignment of your teeth. The only problems that they cause are tooth enamel and gum erosion behind your teeth and if you bit the ball then you could chip your teeth. The only problems may come from when you get a permanent retainer placed behind your teeth. Also, if you get a removable retainer it could wear away at that too.

How do you get used to a retainer?

wear it all the time

What happens if you don't wear your retainer?

If you don't wear your retainer, then your teeth will stick out and you have to wear braces again.

How do you use retainer in a sentence?

Retainment is a word meaning "to keep." The whole idea is that you have something, now you need to keep it in place. "The grocery store had problems with their retainment policy for employees."

What happens when you don't where your retainer?

Your teeth move, i wear a retainer and if i dont wear it every night my teeth will move, You will GET SPACES. wear your retainer everyday and night to have the best result.

If you neglected to wear your retainer for a while and now your teeth are out of alignment with your retainer then if you wear your retainer nightly then will your teeth be forced back into shape?

You'd probably break the retainer, another pair would be best.

How do retainers work?

When you have braces for a certain amount of time you are required to wear a clear or wire retainer. They keep your teeth from moving. So say you got your braces off and you refuse to wear a retainer or you just don't want to, your teeth will move and then you have to get braces again. Your retainer doesn't have to be in very long.

What size length is the tongue stud when you first have your tongue pierced i want to have my tongue pierced buti have a slight gag relex what size do they put in the hole how long is it?

Its longer than what you would normally wear in it because it has to allow for swelling. Don't worry about your gag reflex. Tongues arent pierced that far back and the bar wont be nearly long enough to trigger it. Go to a reputable piercer and you wont have any problems! They know what they're doing!

Patients typically wear braces and retainers for what length of time?

Patients typically wear braces 18-24 months and a retainer for another year.

How do you wear a tongue ring?

You dont wear a tongue ring actually it's a tongue barbell.

How long can you remove tongue jewelry?

They have bee known to close up only hours after taking it out, personally i woudlnt take it our for more than an hour, or just wear a retainer if its an appeanrence issue.

If you get your ears pierced on the normal spot at the bottom of the ear can you put a retainer in right away or how long do you have to wear the earring if not?

6 weeks 6 weeks 6 weeks 6 weeks 6 weeks 6 weeks

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