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Never give an animal human medicine unless a veterinarian prescribes it specifically. It can kill it. Ask a vet what to give the puppy.

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Q: Can you give a 12 week old puppy cough medication for kennel cough?
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How much robitussun for puppy kennel cough?

Please DO NOT give a puppy human medication. It can harm the puppy.

What human medicine can you give to dogs with kennel cough?

I would not give my dogs any human medication unless prescribed by the vet

What cough medicine can you give for kennel cough?

The type of medicines to treat kennel cough you can get at a vet or TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY

If you were at a kennel today and touched a dog with kennel cough can you give it to your dog?


Can you give dogs robitussin for kennel cough?

No - Robitussin is a human medication that can make dogs very sick. To deal with kennel cough (a bacteria infection of the upper respiratory tract with Bordetella), you will need to take your dog to the veterinarian for antibiotics.

What can you give the dog if it has kennel cough?

take him to the Vet and get medicin there.

Can your vet give your dog anything to prevent her from getting kennel cough?

Yes, there is a medicine to prevent kennel cough that is given by drops in the dog's nose.

What do you give a teacup chihuahua for a cough?

It's probably kennel cough, take her to her vet, and they'll give you the special medicine.

Can you give dogs quinine?

It will cure kennel cough. Vets are stupid..

Dog medication for cough?

You dog could have kennel cough if in a kennel dogs usually do not cough, when they do it could be heart trouble, trouble with the larynx, or something in their throat To be on safe side go to the vet, any med's you give without vet's knowledge can harm the pet especially if its heart trouble, so you see you cannot do any med's.

What is kennel cough?

Kennel cough is the lay term for an upper respiratory infection caused by Bordetella bacteria. The infection causes a characteristic dry cough in dogs, and is often seen in dogs after they return home from a stay in the kennel - hence the name "kennel cough". Treatment consists of antibiotics for a couple of weeks to kill the bacteria. An effective vaccine is now available and is typically required by kennels before your dog can be boarded there.

What medicine can you give dogs for kennel cough?

Contact your vet regarding medications for reatment, and vaccinate for prevention.

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