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you can give your person a makeover just by clicking ctrl shift r! and if u wanna change your hair colour click ctrl shift s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How do you give a makeover?

if you give someone a makeover you need to make sure they like what your doing also,because they are the person that's going to have the look

How are makeovers given on WeeWorld?

If someone wants to give you a makeover make sure you completely trust them. They could very easily take your account. When someone wants to give you a makeover they ask you for your username ans password. You give it to them in their blog. Then, you sign out of your account and the person who is giving you a makeover goes into it and gives you a makeover. After getting the makeover, you may want to change your password to make your account secure again.

What are the stardoll makeover answers?

Stardoll makeovers are when you give someone you r password and they give you a makeover

What do you do when you give yourself a makeover on poptropica and cant get back to the way you look?

You go to the multiplayer romms and see if someone has parts to your costume on if not just keep repeating.

How do you make an ugly person pretty?

Yes you can if you give them a REALLY good makeover by a pro. unless they are not that ugly

How do you make the person in the musuem give you the test in counterfeit poptropica?

click on the person and he should talk about what they all do and then give you the test.

Do you choose your own makeover when you are on the next star?

you can choose your own makeover sometimes then they wanna give you the makeover the macthes to whatever you are doing

How do you make a person on poptropica kiss?

You can't, they don't give you the option.

Who do you give the photograph to on Poptropica?

The person in the camera/picture store. He'll give you scuba gear.

What is a vajazzle?

To give females a makeover.

How do you get someone to give you a makeover?

ask them

How does a guy get a girl makeover?

There are many boutiques that are located in a mall. these boutiques will give makeovers and show a person how to apply makeup.

What do you do with the princesses letter on poptropica?

then you go to the windmill and give it to the person with black hair at the top and she will give you something.

Can you change your Poptropica person in Poptropica studios?

You can just call them at 1800-256-3569 and give them your username and password and tell them what you want to do.

How do you get your girlfriend to give you a makeover?

Just ask tell her i am thinking about a makeover do you want to help me? and see what there question is.

Does Macy's give free makeover for a day?


How do you give free makeovers on WeeWorld?

g... Well, if you want a Makeover I can give you one i'm very trusting, and I can give you points. Add me, if you want A Makeover. I'm xfunnybunnyx

How do you get the makeover your friends give you on WeeWorld?

how to give a Friend gold on weeworld

How do you get the person from poptropica to get of the computer?

When you give the French kid the green balloon he'll talk to you.

How do you convince your parents to give you a room makeover?

talk to them and give them reasons why you should give your room a makeover. You have to make sure that you give them a reason why you want your room made over. Behave, and be good. GOOD LUCK! :)

On poptropica counterfiet island what do you do with the tickets?

give them to the person in the blue building he will giv you a ticket for the tour.

What should you do with prized porker on poptropica?

Go give it to the second pixlated person who is looking for the pig. :]

How do you get a heard hat on poptropica?

you supposed to get a camera from a gold nugget, then took pictures of animals for a person. the person will give you a hard hat.

How To Give A Boy A Girl Makeover?

Pamper them or take them to get a pedicure....but why?

How can you get a boyfriend even if you are ugly?

just give yourself a makeover

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