Can you give hamsters fruit?

Yes you can give your hamsters fruits and even veggies. Just today i gave my hamster carrots and apples.
Here are some of the fruits and veggies they can eat :
-Grapes [ Tiny Pieces ]
-Apples [ You can use a peeler to give them small strips ]
-Lettuce [ But not all kinds of lettuce ]
-Pieces of melon
-And more
You can go to your local pet shop [ I go to PJ's Pet Store ] And get a information sheet with the things they can eat

Cranberryhead's Response:

Hello! I will answer your question in more detail.

Depending on what kind of hamster you can give your hamster fruit. If you have a dwarf hamster you can only give your hamster fruit once a week because of the natural sugar inside of the fruit. The reason why dwarf hamsters can only have fruit once a week is because they can get diabetes from the natural sugar which can sometimes lead to fatal death for hamsters. Please be careful on the amount of fruit you give your dwarf hamster. For Syrians I'm pretty sure you can give them more fruit more often but I'm not so sure so don't take my word for it.