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Can you give me 10 examples of antonyms in sentence?


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  1. When it's cold and wet outside, it's so nice to be warm and dry inside.
  2. He was wearing two different color socks but at least his shoes were the same.
  3. I was raised in Arizona, so I play a lot of summer sports and not many winter sports.
  4. Please fill the dishwasher and empty the trash.
  5. I will date a short guy or a tall guy, it's how he treats me that matters.
  6. She used to be very reserved, but she's much more outgoing since she's been taking dancing lessons.
  7. He was penny wise, but pound foolish.
  8. She was optimistic about attending college, but pessimistic about paying for it.
  9. Progress is the antidote to stagnation.
  10. A phone call to your mom will make her happy when she's sad.