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Can you give me a sample Conversation of a conceirge and its customer?

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September 13, 2007 6:34AM

A "consierge" is usually the person at a hotel or guest house who is in charge of fulfilling special requests from guests, such as arranging luggage storage, tours or entertainment tickets.

GUEST: Hello.

CONCIERGE: Good day, Madam. How may I help you?

GUEST: Would you be able to get me two tickets to a music concert in the area tonight?

CONCIERGE: I will certainly do my best. What kind of music concert would you like to attend?

GUEST: Classical or rap.

CONCIERGE: Allright. I can get you tickets to the symphony tonight, if you don't mind sitting on the balcony level. Unfortunately, it's too a bit too late to get tickets for tonight's Lil Jon show. It's completely sold out.

GUEST: Lil Jon is in town? You're kidding. Are you sure you can't get me a pass? I'll pay extra.

CONCIERGE: Well, hmm. Occasionally, concert tickets are held for the hospitality industry - in case there is interest from VIP's. If you would like I can speak to my contact at the venue, and see if we can find you two held tickets - although they would be quite expensive.

GUEST: That would be wonderful. If not, I guess I'll take the symphony balcony tickets. Would you mind finding out for me tonight's symphony program as well?

CONCIERGE: Certainly. I will call your room within the next hour with some answers. What is your room number?

GUEST: I'm in 803.

CONCIERGE: Thank you, Madam. I do hope that we can assist you.