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Can you give me a sentence with utopia in it?


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The world is utopia when all is well.


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in a utopia society there has to be absolute happiness .

Marxism was envisioned as a putative utopia but turned out to be the darkest form of dystopia.

Utopia means a paradise or place where everything is perfect. It is an imaginary place.The United States looked like utopia to many immigrants.

Throughout the process of creating this utopia, the boys establish many feuds due to disagreement.

Many authors have written books describing a utopia, but we all know that there's no such thing as a perfect place.

utopia is not a proper noun; do not capitalize it.The deserted island was a quiet utopia.He desired a peaceful, utopian society.Many people who join communes try to create their own little utopia where the problems of modern society can't touch them.

An anti-utopia is a world which is the opposite of a utopia.

The address of the Utopia Memorial Library is: 800 Main St, Utopia, 78884 M

The word "dystopia" is the antonym of the word "utopia. " An example of the word "dystopia" in a sentence is "Germany under Nazi rule was a complete dystopia. "

This is a very subjective question. Utopia for whom? For me? For you? Your utopia might, after all, be my hell.

Either one, it's a utopia, that's what matters.

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Because by definition Utopia is a Perfectcivilization

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