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Can you give me all the aminal crossing wild world cheats?

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2008-12-22 19:35:24

how to get the golden shovel: first, buy two shovels (or one if

you already have one) then bury one of your shovels and cover it

up. the next day when you uncover it, you should have a golden

shovel! then you can sell the other shovel back to nook. if you

have the golden shovel, the trees that you plant with it will

always grow. even coconut trees! if you want the golden slingshot,

you have to shoot your 15th present from the sky.really the only

point of this is that it looks cool. if you want your coconut tree

to grow, you can either plant it with the golden shovel or you can

dig up another tree and plant it there. by the way- coconut trees

are kinda hard 2 grow.

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