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Q: Can you give me info on INFO ON SEMI 22 RIFLE STEVENS R440828?
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How old is your 87a Stevens 22?

The Stevens model 87 semi-auto .22cal rifle was introduced in 1938,and made until the early 1980,s.

What is a Stevens arms model 287?

A Stevens Arms Model 287 is a Semi-Automatic .22 Cal Rifle. Ammo is fed thru a tube that under the barrel.

How many shots does the tube of a Stevens model 887 semi automatic 22 cal rifle hold?

That will depend on whether you are shooting short, long or long rifle ammunition.

Did Stevens make a 22 cal semi auto rifle?

Yes- several different models. Nice hunting rifles.very nice

How can you find when your Stevens 87 A Semi-Automatic Rifle was purchased if it does not have a serial number?

Basically, you can't. SNs were not required before 1968.

What is the age of Stevens model 87a Stevens 87 a?

I found the J.Stevens model 87A 22 semi auto rifle to be approximately 82 years old hope this helps -------Vandy

I need info on fabrique nationale d'armes guerre semi auto rifle?

Blue Book of Gun Values

What years was the Stevens savage 87A rifle made?

The first model 87A was made from 1938-1945.There was also a Stevens model 87 semi-auto that was made in the early 1980,s.

What is the age of a 22 LR Ranger 101.16 semi-automatic rifle marked smokeless greased only?

Made by Stevens in the 1930's.

Will your Stevens 87b shoot long rifle shells?

Yes it will as well as 22 short and long rifle, but the rifle will only shoot the 22 LR shells as a Semi auto and the shorts and longs you will have to manually cycle the gun by hand

Can you own a semi auto assault rifle in Illinois?

No such thing. You can own a semi-auto rifle that LOOKS LIKE a rifle with semi and full auto capabilities in IL

Where can i find info on 880a-ech 22 cal semi-fire rifle this?

Provide a detailed description of all markings and pictures.

What info is there on a Ranger 22 semi auto rifle model 101-11A?

I am trying to find the same thing. I found one of these rifles, and would like info as well.

How was the Spring semi-auto rifle m1903 created?

No such rifle

Was Spencer rifle semi automatic?


Was the stagecoach a semi automatic rifle?


What is value of a Sears Roebuck Company JC Higgins Model 101.16 marked 'long rifle only as automatic' and '22 short long or long rifle'?

your rifle was made by J Stevens arms Co. 101 16 was the Stevens model 87A 22 cal semi auto rifle .1946 to 1955 >Stevens made a lot of these rifles and their vallue is some what low between 75 and 125 dollars depending on condition They are excellent rifles fun to shoot and very accurate

What gun came after the bolt action rifle?

The semi-auto rifle

Browning 30-06 rifle semi?

The rifle is probably a BAR

What is the price for a Stevens 87E model 22 semi-auto long rifle?

A gun shop here in Grand Rapids is selling one for $79.00. (7/17/2008)

What year was your rifle produced serial number e6398606?

No way of knowing without you providing the model number,type of rifle(bolt action,semi-auto,single shot etc.)caliber of the rifle,and any other important info that will assist with identifying what rifle you have.Please include the maker of your rifle also.

Will cabelas clean your semi-auto rifle?


What is a savage-stevens 84?

That's a .22LR semi-automatic rifle made somewhere around the 1940s. See this link for a full demonstration:

What model JC Higgins semi auto that shot 22LR and 22 shorts had a button on the bolt to allow it to be shot as a semi auto or as a single?

There was more than one model. This was the Sears branded version of a Savage/Stevens/ Springfield rifle, commonly called a "gill gun" due to the vent slots right behind the chamber, or a Click/Clack rifle (sound the action made when firing). This was a Savage 6A, or a Springfield/ Stevens 87A.

What is the value of a limited or special edition Stevens 22 semi auto rifle?

I don't find any special edition Stevens semi-auto's in my reference books. You might try contacting Savage Arms. I doubt if it will be a high-dollar item since the standard models seem to be only $100-$125 in NRA Excellent condition.