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Can you give the abandoned kitten to a cat that has kitten too?


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Yes. But this will only work sometimes usually if the mother your giving the kitten to has lost one of her own.


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Adopt an older cat! There are way too many cats that are abandoned in shelters to be buying kittens from breeders.

Take your cat and kittens to the Vet.

Pet stores sell KMR Kitten Milk Replacer and kitten-sized baby bottles. I think Walmart has it too. Also, never feed a kitten or cat regular milk. Especially an adult cat. It can ruin their digestive system and kill them.

In some cases the mother cat knows the kitten is dying, such as the runt of the litter, and she abandons it to give her other kittens a better chance of survival. Another reason a mother cat will abandon the kitten is caused by the mother being far too young to have a litter, and therefore abandons a kitten (or all of them) because she is overwhelmed or not know what to do.

yes but carefully at the first sign of dislike from the older cat u might have too try an older kitten x

Cats learn to purr from their mothers when they are little and nursing. While the kitten is nursing the mother cat purrs as a comforting sign for the kittens. It also helps them find their mother while their eyes are still closed (first 2 weeks). If the kitten is taken away or abandoned by their mother the kitten may lose its ability to purr. I have a cat that was taken away too soon and it doesn't purr. SAD!

You need to remove the kitten before she kills it. If you can't keep the kitten, you need to take her to the vet or to someone who can care for a kitten that is too small to be away from the mother.

There are a couple reasons for this.She has a mental problemShe didn't reconize it as her kitten (Mental problem)Was she feral? Feral cats do that sometimes to keep from starving.The kitten could have been too weak to survive or the mother could not wean it. If the mother cat, when a kitten, had been separated from the litter too early (seven weeks), or the cat is too young to be a mother, it has no awareness of what to do and treats the kitten as just another food source. Most experts conclude this behavior is generally confined to the first litter.

It can mean that your cat is old and it meows too much. you might want to take your cat or kitten to the vet but it could be a waste of money and time. Try to have your cat or kitten have more love and maybe it wont meow as much witch could possibly help. I hope this helps.

If your looking for a specific species of cat, try typing in the specie's specific name. The name "cat" may be too general for what you are searching for.Also, a cat and a kitten are one in the same. A kitten is simply a young cat: not a subspecies or separate species of cat.If you're looking for the family the cat species belongs to, the scientific term for that is known as Felidae.

Yes it can. Cuddling a kitten is a good thing. they need affectin. However if someone is too rough, they can harm the kitten or kill it. Be gentle, but pick up the kitten gently, and often.

It is safe to give this drug to your cat. It may kill your cat if you give your cat too much of the medication.

It is dangerous. It is because a kitten doesn't have as much blood as an adult cat. It is still dangerous for adult cats too. If a kitten has fleas they can become anemic and get tapeworm. Adult cats can get tapeworm also. If your cat has fleas, give them a flea bath and use a flea treatment afterwards. then use flea bombs in your house to kill them.

Well, it seems you might have already messed up the introductions.The first step should always be setting up a separate room for the kitten, where they can explore their new world without getting into too much trouble, and, here's the benefit for your older cat: You let the older cat get curious about the kitten, and WANT to make their acquaintance.If you just came home and dumped a new cat into the middle of what the older cat thinks of as their home, you've created a little intruder. Cats don't like intruders.It might not be too late to separate the two cats and start over. This will give the older cat some breathing room to sort out how they would like to react.Generally kittens can melt the older cat's heart, but there are some circumstances that can cause difficulties:* The cat is too old for the play appeal to take hold. Cats vary, of course, but once a cat reaches double digits, they might be more interested in refining their nap technique than to be chased all over the house by some young whippersnapper. * The cat is not social. Some cats are simply not cat oriented. If your older cat is shy or not playful, they will find a kitten's overtures to be annoying when they want to be left alone. * The cat has a deprived background. A kitten can stir up all kinds of difficulties, from flashing them back to bad times to bringing up the hidden truth that they are not very skilled at inter-cat communications. They will find themselves unable to establish good cat relations if they do not understand the signals.No matter what the cat's problem might be, starting introductions over is a good first step. Make a fuss over checking on the kitten when you go in there to play with the kitten, and come out to let the older cat smell the kitten's scent while they get a treat. When the older cat hangs out at the door and sneaks around to see you go in and out, the older cat is letting their curiosity overcome their annoyance. Don't rush this process. Have the older cat hankering to see the kitten.Try to make good things happen when the kitten is around, from treats to toys. Point out the tremendous advantages to your older cat of having their own kitten. Pretend they asked you to get a kitten.And be honest; how much of this is your own fault? Have you fussed over the kitten and neglected the older cat? Have you changed beloved routines for the kitten? Do you laugh at something the kitten does that the older cat isn't allowed to do?Give the older cat a reason to like the kitten, not a reason to resent them.

No. Never use human medication on a cat, especially a kitten. Human medication can be incredibly harmful to the kitten, often as the dosage, while harmless to a person, is much too much for a kitten and is often dangerous. If you feel you kitten needs treatment, take it to the vet who can prescribe medicine that is safe for the kitten.

There are many ways to make your kitten love you! Here are a couple of ways: 1. Be nice to your kitten! Don't be too rough with him/her- they are fragile at a young age. 2. Kittens love to play! Bring out a couple of cat toys and play with the kitten. They often enjoy it! 3. Don't leave your kitten alone too much. They will be very lonely, and will probably be dismayed. 4. Take very good care of your kitten. Feed it the right amount of food, and always have water out. The most important thing is that in order to have a cat love you, you must love it back!

Of course not. If a kitten or cat is loudly or seems like it is purring to much, it's simply showing affection and love. If you have major concerns, you should contact your veterinarian.

Maybe too many people are coming to see the kittens so the mother cat feels uncomfaterble. Either that or your cat found a comftyer spot.

Yes, of course. The nutritional needs of an adult cat and a kitten are the same; its just the amounts that should be fed to an adult or kitten that are different. For the most part, kitten and adult food from the same brand are the same, or at the very least, very similar in terms of ingredients and nutrients. Feeding a kitten adult food is absolutely fine. The biggest difference between the two is usually texture. Kitten food is usually softer in texture or has smaller pieces. Dry adult food pieces may be too big for a small kitten, but wet food can easily be mashed up in order to be eaten more easily. Premium cat food brands are suitable for both adults and kittens and do not offer a "kitten" range.

I doubt it,my friend's kitten climbs the xmas tree all the time,she sleeps under it too

Yes, this can make the kitten very sick. Only give the correct dose at the correct intervals following the instructions on the medicine package.

If the cat hates not just the kitten, but you as well... I'd say it's time to drop him off at the humane society and pick up a new cat that will be gratefull for your care. OR holzy baby

Bring them in, or at least make them warm. Give them a cat milk subsitute mixed with kitten food, preferably one with a high meat content (50% or more). If they are too little to eat on their own you should see a vet to get feeding bottles.

Yes. It works for dogs, so it must work for cats too.

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