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Yes. You can give up custody. You can give the other parent or person full legal custody through a stipulated agreement if they agree to it.

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Q: Can you give up your custody rights?
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You have custody my ex is forcing me to give up my rights?

forcing you how?see link

What is both parents give up legal custody of children what rights do they have?


If you are ordered by the court to give up custody and you give it to the father have you also given up your maternal rights?

No. You were not ordered to give of your custody rights, just primary residency was transferred to the father. You still have your parental rights, the same as a father, and responsibility to pay child support, whether the father wants it or not.

What are land rights?

Land rights are rights that give groups of people custody of the land.

Did debbie rowe give up her rights to the kids with Michael Jackson?

Yes she gave him full custody

If your fiance have full custody of her kids can you adopt them?

Only if the non-custodial parent give up his parental rights.

How can a parent give up custody rights of incorrigible children?

To give up your children to the state means giving up your parental rights, not just custody and the state will not allow that if it's just because the children are not obeying. Children who comes from good homes do not benefit from ending up in fostercare. It's not a miracle solution. You contact the socialworkers and they make a visit and see what is going on and if the court find it justifiable they will let you give up custody to them. You will most likely still pay child support and not get parental rights back.

How do you make sure that your sons father dose not get custody if you die?

Convince him to give up parental rights and you give up any financial claim for child support.

If the mother and the stepfather has legal custody what rights do the natural father have?

The rights of the natural father depends on if the father has given up his rights or not. If he has not given up his rights, he has the same rights as the mother, or as outlines in the custody order.

Can a man give up his parental rights if paternity has not been established?

No, he can't give up rights to a child that may not be his. Paternity must be confirmed before the alledged father can be held responsible for the care of the child or can request custody or visitation rights.

If mother wants to give full custody of the child to the father what does she have to do?

It is very rare that a Mother wants to give full custody of a child to the Father. To this all a Mother would have to do is choose to sign and give up her rights to the child in court.

Can mother give up rights to baby to a family member with out courts involved?

No. Only the courts can award legal custody.

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