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For V4 yes but for V5 you don't have to. Hope this helped


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well what i have heard you need a v.5 tamagotchi and it should come with a code which you then login to tamagotchi town with it and play games and then if you win games they will give you codes for different things.

a female tamagotchi marries with a male tamagotchi and the female tamagotchi will have a large belly . and if the female tamagotchi cant hold more longer than it will give birth.

There is an icon that should look like a heart, top row, final icon. click it, and select PC. Then it will give you a login number. Then, play games in tamatown, and when your done, if you enter the logout code it gives you, you can earn gold or even presants. :)

Tamagotchi item passwords give you free acess to items on your tamagotchi

go on to tamagotchhi town and hit log in as tamagotchi then go into pc on the tamagotchi and it will give you a log in code type in the code to the computer and your tamagotchi will be on the screen.

No, Answers give the login options with facebook account.

well add al2542 on tamagotchi music city. give me codes for tamago and ill give u thrones :)

Have you tried the reset button on the back?Type your default IP into your URL hit enter type in your login and password. If you haven't already set those you will be prompted to enter a login and password-they are always generic like:-login/login, or login/password. Aquick google search of your specific type of router will give you the best results.

so what you have to do is you have to give your tamagotchi 50 time outs and you will receive the most money there is

Well i guess u wanna send it to another tamagotchi, rite? u gotta connect with the other tamagotchi using the Present option and have ur friend press B on his/her tamagotchi when its ready for connection

The tamagotchi king is obviously the king of the tamagotchi's but he's a good king he doesn't like give you bad things or anything.

I could if I had one, but I don't, and even if I did I wouldn't.

"Would you give me the tamagotchi code to take with me on the plane, please?"

Give it a time out. You may or may not get training points from it.

Not on any tamatown, but I'll give you a v6 one: TMIGG-----F5FA0F7 5F920BB

try and find it my one was on the ill give a clue on the instr

If it has done something wrong, then give it time out. You'll then get a training point

yes, but some older versions may not.

Create a acount online then go to the right where your character is then click login.On your tamagotchi click the door and press PC it should give you a code.on the website enter th code when you press login.Your tama character should be on the computer screen.When you log out press log ot then ok and enter the code on your tama toy then every thing you earned will be on your tama toy.if it didn't work sorry it worked for me.

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