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No, you shouldn't give your rabbit a bath. See the links below for more information.

Healthy rabbits bathe themselves, although you should brush them regularly so that they don't consume a lot of fur (fur balls can be deadly for rabbits). If your rabbit needs a bath, something is wrong! You should find out what's wrong and treat it, otherwise the problem will return. Bring your bunny to a vet who has experience and knowledge in rabbits.

If you wash the rabbit/bunny, it could get very sick and can cause disabilities or death. Bathing a bunny can be dangerous! Risks include:

  • You can upset and stress her, causing her to panic and injure herself or go into shock
  • Soaps and shampoos can irritate her skin, leading to infection
  • Water in the ears can lead to infection
  • The fur will take a long time to dry, which could lead to hypothermia in cold/windy weather
  • You can burn her skin with a hair dryer

If bathing is necessary, treat the cause:

If the problem is environmental (the rabbit got into something), put up some defences and make sure it doesn't happen again. You have to control your bunny's environment with rabbit proofing. (See below for related link.)

If the rabbit is making its own mess (poor grooming, diarrhoea, etc.) or you don't know where the mess came from, bring him/her to a rabbit-savvy vet.

Try a dry spot-bath first. This involves rubbing unscented baby cornstarch powder into the messy area and working out the messy bits. (Read more in the related link below, "Bunny Butt Bath.") Do not use commercial dry pet baths or leave-in cleansers/conditioners, or baby powder or anything with talc.

Try wet spot-bathing extremely dirty areas next (feet, scut, etc.). If you use a hair dryer, use it on low heat so you don't overheat the bunny, and keep it at least 12 inches from her body. Don't use it on her head, ears or privates.

For serious messes: In these cases, do it in a small sink in warm water, so long as the tap isn't in the way (this could easily cause an injury if the rabbit panics). Or you can use a baby bath or something similar. A regular bathtub is not a good idea: the large size and slippery surface can panic a rabbit, and the tall sides prevent you from holding the rabbit securely. DO NOT EVER immerse the entire bunny in water; the water level should never be higher than belly level. Instead, let bunny stand on hind feet while you support her upper body from the front. Slowly let her put all four paws into water. Use a cup to soak and rinse body. Rinse thoroughly. This information came from the related link below.

The hair dryer can also be dangerous: it can burn the rabbit, stress your bunny out and put her into shock. Towel drying your rabbit is much preferred to a hair dryer.

Make sure you rinse all the shampoo out of your rabbit's coat and dry it thoroughly before returning it to its cage. This is an excellent opportunity to cuddle. Do not use shampoo meant for humans: even baby shampoo can harm a rabbit's sensitive skin! Use only good quality shampoos made for rabbits or, failing that, cats. Oatmeal shampoos can be good. Look for natural ingredients. (See related link "Rabbit Butt Bath" below.)

Flea baths are not necessary unless your rabbit has been outside in an infected area or around other animals with fleas. If a flea bath is necessary, it should be administered by a vet.Some products that are safe for cats and dogs are toxic to rabbits, so you shouldn't just buy something from the store and use it on your bunny.

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Some rabbits are fine with baths, but others can die hours after a first bath because it's so traumatic for them.

If your rabbit is a bit stinky, try cleaning his cage more often. The problem could also be medical (as discussed above).

Some rabbits enjoy baths, especially on hot days, and they don't have any problems with them. The key, as always, is to know your rabbit.

you can, but you need a special shampoo that you get from the vet. my experince: bunny lost her hair but then got the special bunny shampoo and she did not lose any more hair. my bunny grew back the lost hair too.

yes you can give a bunny a bath but you have to have special soap it cost about $25 and if you dont have that kind of money to spend on bunny saop then you can just rinse the bunny with some soap but you have to dry off the bunny off really good or it can die from the coldness

Only bathe a Rabbit that cannot bathe itself.

You can bathe your bunny by using baby bath or cat or puppy wash. You must make sure that all soap is rinsed out VERY well. Do not put bunny outside until you are sure it is completely DRY. You must always hold the bunny's head above water and don't get soap in its eyes or ears.

yes, you can give a bunny a bath. But if your talking about giving a baby, or young bunny a bath, then no. I suggest giving an adult bunny one. The best place to bathe a bunny is probably a laundry sink. Use a small hose connected to the sinks's spout. Then use some rabbit shampoo if that exists, or you can try using some gentle dog shampoo. Then, thouroly dry them with a soft thin towel, or a small blowdryer set on low.

If you have a really calm and good natured bunny it is okay. My bunny is really calm, but this is what I did: I just got a washo cloth wet and wiped her down with that. Then (this is the most imortanat part) you have to rub her down with a towel to get some of the wetness off. Then, you a haird dryer (ON LOW, COOL HEAT) and get the bunny completely dry. Actyally to be honest, it's not really necesary to give the bunny a bath unless he/she is super dirty. in fact, i would not recommend it.

Yes it helps to get all of the loose fur off of them and it makes them more comfortable. Just make sure you have a warm place to put them while their fur dries. Don't use a blow dryer because it can dry out their skin and cause them to scratch it open.


Yes they can get baths but you have to be carefully they go crazy. Remove evrything you have on your bath tub. Also buy them shampoo at the PETSTORE not your shampoo because if it gets into their eyes it could really burn because they don't have any tear duks. At the PETSTORE ask them for bunny shampoo and they will give you a bottle with a bunny on it , and it has to say "Safe for Rabbit/Bunny" and you are good to go.

Yes you can give rabbits baths. You just have to make sure the water is not too cold or too warm. Also, you have to make sure you dry them decently.


no you can't

No.. you cannot bath them as you would do to a dog. They are very sensitive like cats. Most bunnys hate water, like cats. I know my bunny is terrified of water. It is no use to bathe them they clean themselves by grooming. They are one of the most cleanest house pets i could imagine, right below a cat.

i would not bath rabbits in winter and i would not bath them as they bathe them self :)

Yes but you really don't have to because rabbits bathe themselves.

No. They lick themselves and get clean.

NO!!! never give a rabbit a bath!! if u do the rabbits fer will

get re-ct and mess itself up because of the wet water and sope

[hope this helps] =]
I don't think you do, but if they do sorry about that.
Yes you can bath bunnies, you should bath them at least once a month and it's very simple to bath bunnies but you have got to be careful that no water or shampoo gets in their eyes if this does happen they will show their teeth as this is a sign of anger and they will soon calm down after being stroked and talked to off a familiar face/scent.

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Q: Can you give your pet rabbit a bath?
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How many days does a pet rabbit has to bath?

You should give your rabbit or hare a bath every 2 to 3 weeks before they seem to get dirty.

What shampoo should you use when giving a rabbit a bath?

A rabbit cleans itself. If you try to give it a bath it will go into shock. Do not give it a bath!

Can you give your pet guinie pig a bath?

yes you can give it a bath

How do you give a Lionhead rabbit a bath?

When it comes to baths, Lionheads are just like all other pet rabbits. Healthy rabbits don't need baths, and in fact they should be avoided because they can be dangerous. If your rabbit needs a bath, you should treat the cause along with the symptoms (the smelliness or dirtiness) - usually this means a trip to the vet. If you do have to give your rabbit a bath, you must follow specific procedures so that you keep the rabbit safe. See the related question below for more details and helpful links - it applies to Lionheads as well as other pet rabbits.

Do you give a class pet rabbit a bath?

Healthy rabbits clean themselves and do not need baths. Baths can be dangerous for rabbits. Unless necessary, do not bathe your rabbit. If a bath is necessary, this means something is wrong and probably the rabbit needs to see a vet. If you need to bathe a rabbit, take certain precautions to make ensure you keep the rabbit safe. See the related question below for details and links. Are you sure you're taking proper care of the rabbit? The classroom is not the ideal setting for a rabbit.

Can you give a Lionhead bunny a bath?

Generally speaking, no, you can't give a Lionhead rabbit a bath because rabbits clean themselves. When it comes to bathing, there's no difference between Lionheads and other pet rabbits. See the related question below for more information.

How do you know when your bunny needs a bath?

Only give your rabbit a bath if competely neccessary. If there is just a little dirt, your rabbit should be able to clean itself. However if there is something caked on your rabbit, a bath may be neccessary. Make sure you have plenty of towels for when you are done, because if the rabbit is wet and cold, it may lead to illness. When bathing your rabbit, you might want to use a shampoo from you're local pet shop, or use a gentle baby shampoo, as long as you keep it OUT OF EYES and OUT OF EARS! Just make sure your rabbit is dry and warm before you return them to thir cage. =]

How do you give a mini rex a bath for fair?

You shouldn't give your rabbit a bath at all -- this is true for mini rexs and all pet rabbits. Baths are very stressful for rabbits and can lead to illness or injury. Healthy rabbits keep themselves clean, so if your rabbit is dirty, that means something is wrong: maybe it's sick, or maybe its cage is too small or you aren't cleaning it enough. You should bring the rabbit to a vet to find out what the problem is. See the related question below for more details. If your rabbit is sick, you shouldn't bring it to the fair because you'll make all the other rabbits sick, and anyway the judges will certainly notice and you won't win anything. If your rabbit is white and it's feet are just a little dirty, you can try a spot bath with a wet cloth, but don't give the rabbit a full bath.

Do you give a rabbit a bath?

Rabbits have many layers of fur, so when you give a rabbit a water bath, it's fur will retain a huge amount of water. The water will make the rabbit cold and may even cause pneumonia. If the rabbit lives outdoors, I would recommend giving it a bath with corn starch (a baking substance). If the rabbit lives indoors, you can carefully give it a bath in the sink or a tub with the water level low enough so the rabbit can stand comfortably. Then you should towel dry the rabbit and use a blow dryer on the lowest setting until the rabbit is comfortably dry. Then keep the rabbit indoors until it is completely dry.

How old before giveing a baby rabbits a bath?

you can give baby rabbits a dry bath, but I would give a rabbit a water bath at age 2, maybe 3.

Can you turn a house pet rabbit into an outdoor pet rabbit?

Sure as long as you give him adequate housing outdoors to protect him from the elements and predators.

How can you build a strong relationship with your pet rabbit?

pet them daily and give them treats out of your hand

How old does a rabbit have to be to have a bath?

You aren't supposed to give rabbits baths.

Where can you get free foogems?

To get Free foogems, You can play with your pet, play games and give your pet a bath.

How can you remove skunk odor from an animal?

Give your pet a bath in tomato juice..... or get your pet groomed

Why shouldn't you give a rabbit a bath?

You shouldn't give a rabbit a bath because it's unnecessary and dangerous.Healthy rabbits keep themselves clean; aside from monthly grooming, you don't need to clean them.If your rabbit is messy and needs a bath, something is wrong -- either the rabbit is sick and needs to see a vet, or you should work on your "bunny-proofing" to keep the rabbit away from messy areas.Either way, a messy rabbit does need to be cleaned up. The safest method is the "dry bath" method with baby cornstarch powder (no talc!). The next-safest method is to give a wet "spot bath" with a cloth. If the rabbit needs a full-on bath, you should follow certain precautions to keep the rabbit safe.For detailed information, see the related questions and links below.

What are the effects after giving a baby rabbit a bath?

Baby Rabbits ??? What age? My recommendations would be NOT to give a baby rabbit a bath. I would not attempt to bathe a rabbit until they are at least 3 months old unless they have had diarrhea and have fouled their coat.

Your rabbit has a messy bottom will this go away or should you give him a butt bath?

give him a but bath about 3 times a week then take off any matted hair

Why can't you give a gerbil a bath?

If you give a gerbil a bath, it can irritate their skin. What you can do is a buy a sand bath, they'll play around in the sand and get clean. You can usually buy these at pet stores

Hink-pink for when you give your dog or cat a bath?

wet pet

What do you do if your rabbit is too cold?

you can give it a warm bath or if its really bad take it to the vet

Can bunnies bathe is bath bubbles?

If preventable do not give a rabbit a bath. Especially not in human 'bubble bath'. If you have no choice and for some strange reason need to give bunny a wash, then use fresh, clean water. With no additives.

How often should you give rabbits a bath?

Answer about pet rabbits: Healthy rabbits never need baths because they clean themselves; in fact, baths can be dangerous for rabbits and they should be avoided. If your rabbit is smelly or dirty, something is wrong and you should treat the cause, not just the symptoms (the smelliness or messiness) - this usually means a trip to the vet. See the related question below for more details and helpful links. Answer about show rabbits: You should give your rabbit a bath every 2 months at the most, but you can give them a bath to smarten them up if you are going to take them to a show.

Which is cheaper a pet rabbit or pet donkey or pet turtle?

pet rabbit... you can get some for $10.00 CAN

Can you feed your pet rabbit carrots?

Yes, you can give your rabbit carrots, but only in small amounts. Carrots are very high in sugar, and it is advised that you do not give very much.