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yes you can

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โˆ™ 2009-07-20 06:29:09
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Q: Can you go on an airplane during first trimester?
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Is light pink discharge normal during first trimester?

I did for about 4 days and it lead to a miscarriage. Go see your dr when it first starts.

When do your breasts become sore during pregnancy?

During the first weeks of pregnancy the breasts will become enlarged and sore. However the pain should go away by the end of the first trimester.

Can you lose some symptoms during the first trimester of pregnancy?

That all depends on what your symptoms are. Some come and go where as some will stay with you throughout your pregnancy.

Does weight gain in the first trimester go to your hips and thighs?

It can do yes. Weight gain during pregnancy can go anywhere hun. Hips, thighs, bottom, adbomonen etc.

Is pain common in the first trimester of pregnancy?

cramping is common in the first trimester, but if they are very painful or accompanied by blood, you should go and see your doctor or midwife

Is dark blood clots during the 2 trimester normal?

no you must go to doctor

Is it normal to bleed during the first trimester?

A little bit of spotting is normal, however if it is very heavy or very painful then you should go to hospital ASAP

Can a three month pregnant woman go on roller coaster rides?

I would have to say no. The first trimester is the most sensitive of all trimesters during pregnancy. At no time during pregnancy would it be safe to go on a roller coaster.

Who was the first president to go in an airplane?

theodore roosevelt

Is mucus like discharge normal during your first trimester?

depends on the colour. im no expert so u should go get it checked out by ur gp or local clinic

Is it safe to go in hot springs when pregnant?

No, especially not in the first trimester. It is known to be one of the risk factors for having a baby born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida. Using anything, including a heating pad, on the abdomen area during the first trimester of pregnancy can cause the child to be born with Spina Bifida.

Is Pale pink spotting after straining to go to the bathroom normal?

I am not sure if this is "normal" but this happened to me during my first trimester of my second pregnancy. Everything came out find and I had a healthy baby girl. I am now in my third pregnancy and this same thing is happening all over again. In my opinion I think this is something that happens in some women during there first trimester when they are pregnant, but check with your doctor to be on the safe side.

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