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In alot of places you can go in at 18 I think it is up to the bar owner if they want that liability.

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What do black bears drink?

They drink water normally, but will drink anything they can find open, like sweet drinks, even beer.

What are some energy drinks kids can drink?

Kids don't need energy drinks. If you get enough sleep, you won't be sleepy during the day. Energy drinks are very bad for your stomach and can even give you ulcers if you drink too many!

How many people drink energy drinks in one day?

i personally drink about 1 a week...or month...or year...or decade even! I drink one a day!

What do Chinese kids drink?

Chinese children drink a lot of the same drinks that American children enjoy. They drink milk, water, juice, soda, and even Coke.

Can you drink on methadone?

NO! Do not EVER drink while on methadone. Even one drink can cause a deadly drug reaction. Two, three, or four drinks and you are SERIOUSLY risking your life.

Is it true that if you share your food drinks and makeup you are even sharing your microorganisims?

yes because when you drink and eat your food some of your microorganisims can stay on the food or drink and the other person that eats or drinks it can get sick or not.(your microorganisims are good for you).

Does Tia Mowry drink?

does Tia mowry drink.... no i think because it is all fake news that Tia mowry drinks it is not even true. I THINK!!!

Can carbonated drinks get old?

Yes, only after a while though. Once the bottle or can is opened, the drink will lose its carbonation (fizz) within a few hours, even if you reclose the container. The drink itself may also spoil in just a few months, even unopened; diet drinks spoil faster than non-diet drinks.

How many beers is a drink?

People can get drunk off of one or even seven drinks! Its your own body that tells you this

What species of butterflies drinks blood?

It is not a species of butterfly that drinks blood, but a moth. The species of moth which can drink blood from animals and even humans is the Calyptra also known as the vampire moth.

Can Mormons drink soda?

Of course! There is some quibble about cola drinks and others that have a lot of caffeine, but even those are not officially proscribed.

Can you drink on the job?

Usually drinking any non alcoholic drink is allowed (unless your employment rules differ), drinking alcoholic drinks is NOT allowed for obvious reasons. No - don't even think about it.

Is diet drink better then reguler drinks?

no it is not because in diet drinks there is aspartame that gives you a brain tumours and asulfate k and neither of them are good for you and regular drinks (some of them, not all of the regular drinks are mainly sugar) are mainly sugar but it is better for you than all of the artificial sweetener's.Careful because some drinks are not even putting on the label that there is sweetener's in!

What causers fizzy drinks to go flat?

Carbon dioxide is the gas that makes drinks fizzy or carbonated. When you first open a drink, you twist to break the seal so even if you put the cap back on tightly, over time the carbon dioxide gas that is still in the bottle slowly seeps out and you are left with just flavored water.

How much does a small drink at McDonald's cost?

It varies if htey have special or not. Since MCdonalds is losing money there desperate to make some making there drinks cost even less than it usaually is. even with thte resecion there still selling larges for 1 dollar. and smalls for like 60 cents.

What did the Egyptian slaves drink?

rain water but also water from the Nile and beer. Everyone in Ancient Egypt drank beer even the children and juice and lots of drinks and soft drinks and i love one direction and chris brown

Is a soft drink acidic or basic?

Carbonated soft drinks are acidic, as they mostly contain small amounts of carbonic acid and even maybe phosphoric acid.

Would you still have an std even if you drink water to stop the burning and it stops the burning?


Is all alcohol considered as carbonated drinks?

No. Carbonated drink have carbon dioxide in them. It is in drinks like Coke. When the can or bottle is opened the pressure is released causing the bubbles you see. Many alcohol drinks don't have this sort of carbonation added to them.

What will happen if a diabetic patient drinks alcohol?

It increases the action of the pancreas which floods the body with even more sugars. Drinking in moderation will not do permanent harm. Drink responsibly.

Why can't a person drink sea water while out at sea?

Because, One drinks water when they are dehydrated. However, salt water will make you even more dehydrated.

What does brendon mccullum eat?

Brendon McCullum eats the same foods as everyone else. He just doesn't eat until his games are over even if the games last into overtime. He will drink sports drinks and protein drinks until his game is over.

Where do young people usually drink?

it depends on what you mean by young, for people who can legally drink, if they drink they drink anywhere they can get a drink. for under age people, they usually drink at places that they can get a drink without getting in trouble. this could be a friend's house, at an abandoned area, or even at home when an adult is not there, or not paying attention.

How do toads drinks water?

I don't think that toads even drink water I had alot of expirence with toads and I diden't see any of them drink how about you go on to wikipedia and ask the same question or just look up"Toads" I hope that I helped :)

At what number of drinks should one stop drinking alcohol to prevent noticeable alcoholic breath?

A person that has not been drinking can detect alcohol in your breath from even one drink.