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Can you go to another state if you are on probation?

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Actually yes.. im on probation in Georgia but live in another state..i simply call an answering machine once a week and give them my name and SS# that's it. its pretty freakin sweet. unfortunately i also have to pay fines but that's besides the point. all you have to do is talk with your probation officer... it might have to do with what you're on probation for..mines a minor traffic violation

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Can you go to another state if you are on probation in Texas is it okay to move to New york?

Ask your probation officer.

Can you get ID in another state if on probation in a different state?

Not unless your probation officer has consented to and arranged for a transfer of your probation.

Does your probation come up if you try to fly to another state?

Your probation will not come up if you try to fly to anther state. If you get caught, you could go back to jail.

Can you leave the country if you are on probation in Florida?

I left Florida to go to another country six years ago while on probation. What would be the consequences of returning to another state?

How can you transfer probation to another state from Florida?

First talk to your PO, he can probably be the most help to you in how to go about it. You must present a 'motion' to the judge who sentenced you asking permission to have your probation transferred and supervised by another state.

What happens if you violate your probation on a misdemeanor DUI charge from another state?

You get a bench warrant and go to jail

If you run from misdemeanor probation what happens?

The court can file a violation of probation and revoke your probation, then issue a warrant for your arrest. Most states will extradite you for a misdemeanor anywhere within that state, but maybe not in another state. Then again, they might extradite you from another state.

Can one state arrest you an transfer you to another state for mistamener probation?

No. Probation is not an offense, and it is not something you must answer to. If a person has a warrant out for violation of probation or for a new offense, and they are found in another state, the new state will arrest the person and the two states will communicate about whether or not they want to extradite the person back to the original state.

Can a probation officer carry a fire arm into another state?

It depends on several things. Not all probation officers in all states are law enforcement officers, but in other states they are. In the performance of duty, a certifed LEO may go armed into another state to carryout their duties.

Can you go on vacation while under probation?

You need to check with your probation officer if you plan on leaving your state. Otherwise, if you stay within the rules of your probation, you can go on vacation.

If someone moves to another state while on probation will they extradite him back to his state?


I am Relocating to another state while on probation how do I inform my probation officer?

Do NOT -repeat- do NOT move to another state without first getting permission to move from the court which sentenced you to probation. If the court even grants you the permission the probation agency of the state to which you want to move has to agree to accept you for supervision. Don't forget you have been found guilty and you have been sentenced - sentenced to probation - a lenient sentence - but a sentence nonetheless. You are not free to move about, and come and go, as you wish without first getting the permission of the sentencing court.

How do you go to another state for a funeral while on probation?

Ask your probation officer for a travel permit. Almost all will allow a permit to attend the funeral of a loved one and to spend time with family.

Can you travel for vaction from one state to another if you are on probation?

It depends on the terms of your probation. Check your probation order from the court. Most allow it, but only with permission from the PO.

If you move to another state while on probation what would happen?

To start, this must be approved by your probation officer. If your probation officer will not approve it you can not leave. If your probation officer will approve it, they will need to request that the probation department of another state accept you for probation supervision in their state. Your current probation officer will have to request this through a process called "Interstate Compact." If and when another state accepts you, you will be assigned a new probation officer in your new state. There are potential complications if you are approved as well. The judge from the state that convicted you has little power to enforce the terms of your probation agreement. That means the probation department in the state you move to can impose any conditions that they consider to be appropriate. For example, if a Judge in the state that convicted you did not require a treatment program for your offense the new states probation department may or they may make your live miserable in other ways by imposing restrictions that make it difficult do do almost anything at all. When they impose these restrictions there is little you can do about it because they will not take orders from your home state judge since it is out of their jurisdiction. If you are considering moving out of state while on probation and without approval, I would highly advise against that. This would be a violation of your probation and would likely get you arrested.

Can you move to another state if on probation?

Yes. This is allowed. Depending on what kind of probation you are on, if it is bench, then you just need to tell the court your new address. If you are on supervised probation, you may have to get your case transferred to your new city and state.

Does Louisiana extradite for misdemeanor probation violations?

any state will extradite for any kind of probation violation, probation violation is the only thing that a state will go pick you up on anywhere in the us

If on probation can you go on vacation to another state?

Yes with your probation officer's permission. Most states allow probation officers to issue a travel permit that would allow a probationer to leave their state for a vacation. The probationer would be required to keep the permit with them while out of state just in case law enforcement stops them so they know permission was granted.

What if your a juvenile and run away from probation and make it till your 18 can you get a job in another state that's not the one you were on probation in?

There would probably still be a warrant for your arrest on the violation of probation.

Can you hunt in NH if you are on probation in PA for a misdeamor?

no you cant leave the state while on probation unless you get permission from your probation officer or you will go to jail and most probation officers will tell you that you can't have any weapons while on probation

What are the consequences for moving to another state while on felony probation in Texas?

you have to switch your probation to whatever state your moving to, talk to your regular probation officer first and make sure you're allowed to move, that way you don't get in trouble.

Can you move out of state on probation?

no you have to stay in state until your probation is over

Can probation lock you up when your 18 and still on juvinelle probation?

Yes, they can. I am 18 and on probation and my PO said that if I fail another drug test she would send me to juvi. If you're on juvi probation and go to jail, you will more than likely go to juvi.

Can you leave the state on unsupervised probation?

Can you leave the state of California if you are on summary probation with the state of California?

Does a federal probation officer care if a convicted felon goes to another state to visit another convicted felon?

It depends on the conditions of probation. Often, a condition of probation is that the felon can't leave the state without permission. Further, another frequent condition of probation is that the felon can't associate with other felons. If you have a document that outlines the conditions of your probation, read it carefully for these conditions. If you don't have the document in question (and I know this probably isn't what you want to hear), ask your probation officer if this is permissible. It's the only way to know for sure.