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Can you go to college for two degrees at the same time?


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2007-05-20 19:54:54
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You can go for a double major if that's what you mean but it's hard if they aren't in related fields.


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The two undergraduate degrees are the associate's, and bachelor's degrees.

You can receive as many associates degrees as you're willing to pay tuition for, and meet the course requirements for.

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A community college is usually more economical and it also offers only two year degrees. A university offers a two year degrees and higher and also usually costs more.

Yes. It is possible to attend two colleges or universities at the same time.

Yes, however it will take at least a year of extra time to earn two associates degrees at one time.

Yes, you can get as many associate degrees. But the government will not fund for you to do 2 4 year degree.

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