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Most colleges and universities not only require the student to be a high school graduate, but often base acceptance on grade point average, SAT or ACT scores, and other factors. Community colleges' minimum requirement is a GED, and some will accept only high school graduates, but many are accepting non-traditional students, usually older adults, who lack HS diplomas or equivalent.

Each sets its own enrollment policies. Some require a high school diploma or GED certificate, while others may not depending on your academic history. If you are having trouble being accepted, consider taking a few courses at a local community college. They usually have less rigid entrance requirements, and many, many colleges and universities will accept you with good grades (As or Bs) from a few (three to seven) community college classes.

In addition, if you are still of high school age, you may be eligible for an early entrant program. The specific requirements for these programs vary, but typically include strong scores on the SAT or ACT. For example, the early entrant program at Shimer College requires at least a 75th-percentile score.

In many cases, you will find it impossible to go to college without a GED degree. Few colleges will accept you unless as part of an early entrant program. Even community colleges will ask for a high school diploma or equivalent before you are allowed to transfer to a 4 year college. (Just taking classes don't matter)

Where Do I Take The GED Tests?

The information you need is just a phone call away. Call 1-800-62-MYGED (1-800-626-9433) to find your local GED Testing Center. The center can tell you:

  • Whether you can take the GED Tests
  • Where to find the Official GED Practice Tests
  • Where to find a GED instructional program
  • How much it costs to take the tests
  • When the tests are given
  • Other useful information

There are some junior colleges that offer high school diploma programs so you can enroll in a degree program when you finish.

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Q: Can you go to college without a GED?
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Can I go to college without a high school diploma?

As long as you have your GED, then yes, you can attend college. However, it depends on the college, as some colleges do not allow GED students to apply.

Can high school dropouts go to college?

Depending on the requirements of your state and community college, YES you can go to college. In California if you take the college entry test and pass they will allow you to go without requiring a GED or High School Diploma. Keep in mind though, without a GED or Diploma you won't be eligible for financial aid.

How can you go to college without a high school diploma?

You can go to college as long as you have GED and can pass entrance or placement exams required the school

Can you go to beauty school without a GED?

Can you go to beauty school without a GED?

Can you go to college without a diploma or GED?

Every individual must have a diploma or a GED to enter college. Many colleges offer the GED exam. Colleges have tutoring, free of charge, to ensure all students receive help to completing educational goals.

Can you have your GED and still go to the University of Mississippi?

Yes you can get into any college with a GED

I need to get a ged where can i go?

There is GED class offer at the community college. Call the college near you and ask about it.

Can you get your GED at Malcolm X College without a high school diplma?

Yes a person can get their GED at Malcom X College. A person gets a GED instead of their High School Diploma.

Can you go to college with a GED from a website?

GED tests are not available online. Not it will not be accepted

If you have a GED can you go to school to become a vet tech?

Yes, you can go to college to be a vet tech if you have your GED.

Can i get in trouble for goin to college without my GED?


Can you get a high school diploma without getting a high enough GED?

yes but you wouldn't need to get a GED if you got your diploma and if you have your GED it is best for you to try to go to college to show that you tried to better yourself and basically tried something more.

Close to finishing college now they want your GED or high school diploma what do i do?

Well, I suggest you go to your local Adult Ed center and get your GED or see what you can do about finishing up high school. How the fack did you get into college without proof of a diploma or GED certificate, anyways? Email me your secret. Haha.

where can i get a ged?

Go to your local or county community college, they are typically the ones who give the GED classes and administer the GED test.

If I got my GED in Georgia but I want to go to college in New York will they accept it?

If the college or university you are applying to accepts a GED, then yes you can.

Can you attend classes without your ged or can you attend classes and get your ged?

Many colleges will allow you to take college preparatory classes while earning your GED there.

Can you get financial aid without diploma or GED in college?


Is GED necessary to go to college?


Can you play basketball for college basketball team without a GED?

NO!!! to play basketball in college you must get accepted to the school which for all (non community colleges) requires a GED

Can you go to college for radiology with a GED?

No, but you can get into College with a GED - Check with your local Community College or online for an accredited school.Save

High School Graduate how can i Walk On a college Basketball Team?

Get Your Ged, Go To Junoir College And Then Go To A College And Play College Ball.

Can someone take the SAT without a GED?

yes you can. it will help you get into college.

What can your GED do for you?

It can allow you to attend college without finishing High School.

Can you go to college at 16 with a GED?

Yes, if it's community college they'll most likely have the procedure laid out on their website for applicants under the age of majority. Generally, you don't even need a GED if you place into a college level course or are there to get your GED.

Can you go to a college for Cosmetology without a high school diploma or a GED?

Cosmetology school requires that you are able to pay tuition, pretty much exclusively.