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Yes. You will certainly go to jail if you are have medication, illicit drugs or alcohol in your system. You will go to jail if it's found that you were being reckless by speeding excessively or using a cell phone while driving.

You will also be held liable for injuries, emergency services, medical bills, missed work, pain and suffering. If your insurance policy doesn't cover the full amount of a person's settlement, you will be sued and your wages will be taken until you finish paying what you owe. The only time that a pedestrian is At Fault is when they are jaywalking.

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Q: Can you go to jail if you hit a pedestrian with a car?
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What happens after you hit a pedestrian with your car?

Actually, if the pedestrian dies you get charged with manslaughter whether you are guilty or not.. If the pedestrian is jay walking and you don't see him you don't get charged or go to jail unless it can be proven that you were at fault or driving to fast. If driving too fast you will get a ticket for unsafe driving. you would go to jail, depending on if it was an accident. Glad to help!

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in nc, can you go to jail if you owe a bank for a car?

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Can you go to jail for stealing a car?

Technically, you won't go to jail for stealing a car - you go to jail when you're caught. Stealing a vehicle is a felony.

If you accidentally hit a pedestrian and get ticketed will the pedestrian assuming he is not seriously hurt be there when you go to court for those tickets?

The pedestrian may be at your court date if he or she desires to go. They may need to testify to the details of the accident.

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you goin to jail.

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Can you go to jail for non payment on new car?

Jail? No. But the car can be repossessed and major fines can be instated for non payement.

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