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Can you go to other regions in Pokemon diamond?

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no but you can migrate Pokemon from other regions so your pokedex gets larger

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No you cannot go to other regions in Pokemon Pearl or Diamond version but in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver you can go to the Jotoh region.

Unfortunantly you cant go to other regions in Pokemon diamond and pearl. its not like leafgreen,firered,gold,silver and crystal version where you travel to different regions. You can't, Sinnoh is the only region available in the game.

You have to beat the Pokemon League and get the National Pokedex and go underground and dig for one.

There are no other regions accessible* other than the starting Sinnoh region. *Excluding other games.

The entirety of Pokemon Pearl and Diamond is set in the Sinnoh region. There is no way to revisit any of the other Pokemon world regions.

No, you cannot go to other regions in Pokémon Emerald.

You cannot go to any other regions in Pokémon Black.

No. If you want to go to other regions you must buy other Pokemon games.

It is impossible to go to other regions. The only thing they added is a lot of National Dex Pokemon in the post-end routes.

You cannot go underground as you were able to in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. You are stuck above ground in Pokemon SoulSilver. You get two regions to go between, though.

To get a pokeradar in Pokemon diamond and pearl, you must see all of the sinnoh Pokemon in the game, then go to profeser rowan's lab and talk to him. he will give you a pokeradar and with it you can find Pokemon from other regions.

Pokemon on Pokemon diamond are like any other Pokemon, little creatures that you capture, battle with and train. To find some you just got to go looking?

You cannot visit other regions on Platinum!

No, you cannot go to other regions in Pokémon White.

There Is A Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough If U Go To Pokemon

you have to get a the prevolution on a GBA version of Pokemon and go to pal park and migrate it with 5 other Pokemon

no you can't go to kanto or any other regions!

you can't, only ruby Pokemon can go to diamod. but diamond Pokemon can't go to ruby

you can but you need to take their flag