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Can you go to school as an illegal alien?

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It is a fact in most states that you must be a US citizen in order to go to school. It is law in most states if not all that any illegal alien will not be able to attend school unless they receive a school VISA or if they have regestered for a S.S. Card.

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How are Alien illegal and legal?

If you have permission by the government to enter the country (for visit, work, school, etc...) then you are a LEGAL alien If you DO NOT have permission by the government to enter the country, then you are an ILLEGAL alien

What does illegal alien stand for?

Illegal alien stands for illegal imagrant!

Where can you marry an illegal alien?

las Vegas or Mexico. Go for it. :)

Is it illegal to go to school everyday?

Now, why would it be illegal to go to school everyday?

Can an Illegal Alien avoid deportation by using a sponsor?

I do not think there is an illegal alien, but there is such thing as alien

How an illegal alien can get an alien registration number?

An illegal alien can get an alien registration number by filing for one from the INS Bureau. The illegal alien will need to show proof of identity such as a birth certificate.

What is a good illegal alien citizen?

'Illegal alien citizen' is an oxymoron.

Are permanent resident aliens illegal aliens?

An alien is not illegal as long as she/he has documentation of status. An alien who is documented to be a permanent resident is not illegal. If the alien does not have and never has had documentation of an immigration status, then that person is an illegal alien.

Is it illegal to go to school?

Probably... Sell yah! It is Illegal to go to School to get some education

Is a marriage to an illegal alien valid if they only reason for the marriage by the illegal alien was to become a citizen?

it is illegal

How do i legalize my girlfriend who is an illegal alien?

A person can not legalize their girlfriend or boyfriend if they are an illegal alien. If the person is married to an illegal alien, they can file for a Visa from the INS.

Can a legal alien marry and illegal alien in the US?

not really because the illegal alien must have to go through "naturalization" and must wait a few years while living in the united states like 7 years.

How do you get a car as a illegal alien?

It can be hard, but your best option is to go to the illegal alien car centre and buy one from there,This can be tricky. It may take a couple of months for your application to be approved

Is it illegal to clame to be an illegal alien?

If you truely are an alien then you would keep it to yourslef wouldnt you!

Do you have to pay child support if the mother of the child is an illegal alien?

AnswerIm illegal alien, my ex is illegal alien and the kid is illegal alien, guess what i have to pay child support, laws are for everyone not matter your status as long your feets are in U.S.

If an illegal alien married to a citizen wants to go to the army ca he do it?


Can you marry an illegal alien in America?

Yes, an American citizen can marry an illegal alien in America. The illegal alien can file for a Visa after marrying an American at the INS office.

Can a illegal alien have an alien Number?

No he kan not have a ilegal alien number.

Is it illegal for children in the US not to go to school?

Yes it is illegal for children not to go to school because they need an education and it is their civil duty as Americans.

Does the illegal alien have to interview in her country for her visa?

Does the illegal alien have to interview in her country for her F-1 visa

Can an illegal Child go to school?


Is it illegal to go on the school property when you don't go to that school?

um yea

If you marry an illegal alien will they become a US citizen?

A person will not automatically become a US citizen as soon as soon as an illegal alien marries a citizen. The illegal alien will have to file for a VISA with the INS.

If an adult illegal alien has a parent that is a naturalized citizen what is his status?

If they are an adult their status is still the same, they are an illegal alien.

Can you murder an illegal alien?

No, you cannot murder an illegal alien. If you murder any living thing, you will be charged with murder.

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