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Can you graduate high school without a high school diploma?


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No. The whole point of the high school diploma signifies that you graduated from high school .


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I do think with a regular regents you need a diploma in order to graduate or you can graduate from high diploma school.

You don't. No real college will take you without a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) Finish high school.

Tupac did have a high school diploma

You receive your high school diploma which certifies that you completed high school.

High school is where you go, and high school diplomas is what you get when you graduate.

Rihanna never graduated high school she doesn't even have a high school diploma.

Yes, You'll just get a something called a work creditial or what ever else diploma it is around your area.

He received his high school diploma in 1964.

It's what you get when you graduate high school so people know you passed high school.

There are quite a few jobs that you can get without a high school diploma. You can get warehouse work for example.

this is considered the equivalent to a high school diploma

High school graduation required, but if you did not graduate from high school but got a GED instead they will accept that in place of a high school diploma.

No, you can't find a banking job without a high school diploma. You must obtain a high school diploma and a undergraduate degree to even be considered.

No, but he/she does have to have a GED if they do not have a diploma. They could be home schooled and receive a diploma that way.

Post graduate diploma only can get after a undergraduate degree, while you can do diploma after your high school.

If you are talking about a salon or cosmetology then yes. If you do not graduate high school you can not do that career. Another way you can do it is get a GED. That is another form of a high school diploma.

I think you can become a welder without a diploma but the hard part would be finding somewhere willing to hire a person without a high school diploma.

can you enter nursing school in Ontario without a highschool diploma The answer is NO.

He didnt Birdman paid for his high school diploma.

He received his high school diploma in the spring of 2011.

because everyone to see you. you are graduate

No Khloe did not graduate from highschool. She dropped out & finished her diploma by home schooling.

A high school graduation is a ceremony. A Diploma certifies that you have received an education, met all of the requirements the state/country sets, and are ready to move on to the job force or higher education. It is possible to graduate without a diploma--for instance, if you haven't passes a section of the OGT in Ohio.

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