Can you group battle in Pokemon GO?

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Yes, you can join with lots of other people to battle powerful Pokemon.
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How do you get Pokemon in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Ok. The question is a little vauge, but I'll answer the best I can. If you want to upload Pokemon from your DS this is what you do. You'll first have to turn your DS on and on the menu screen click on your Pokemon game. No skip through the movie until you get to the page with choices like Wi-Fi setu ( Full Answer )

Can you go on Pokemon crater battle arena v7?

Pokemon Crater has been shut down and I have found a new website that is being rebuilt to replace Pokemon Crater. And it works if it's just blank wait a while hey don't go to this site it gave my friend Jon 400 trojans(viruses) is too slow. My frien ( Full Answer )

If your going to battle someone in Pokemon diamond what Pokemon should you use?

Most would say a ton of super-legendaries, but I would use my Infernape, Lucario, Glaceon, Blaziken (I have emerald and fire red), Gardevoir and Arcanine. It actually depends on what Pokemon you have and prefer (for example, I like fire, fighting and psychic Pokemon the best, but I don't like to use ( Full Answer )

Why does my screen go red when you battles with shiny Pokemon?

That's really weird never heard of that.......... If your playing on your ds i would go to to complain and if your ds has an warrenty you might get it replaced for a really low price!. -Pokemon Master. P.S I hope i helped a little!

Where do you go to battle gym leaders twice in Pokemon platinum?

You will find them in the bit you go to after you beat the elite 4. The place with the battle tower. . after you beat the elite 4, go to the survival area and go to a house with the familiar faces. talk to them and its GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Pokemon Battle Revolution do your Pokemon that you copied from your ds go to the level that your strongest Pokemon is at?

Hmmm... I didn't quite get that Question but I'll try. You said if the Pokemon copied from the ds are the same level as the highest one? No. But if you enter them in a collosseum wich depends on the rules of course then Yes. For example I have a Lvl 66 Empoleon and the rules are Lvl 50, then Empoleo ( Full Answer )

How do you go to battle frontier in Pokemon?

After you defeated the E4 and Complete the National dex and your mom will give you a ss ticket and Scott will call you and you will meet him in the boat and he will tell you that he told the captain that drop you to battle frontier

Where do you go to battle in Pokemon platinum?

well if you want to battle wild Pokemon you have to search for them in patches of grass and on the water in the game and if you want to battle trianers they are along paths "routes" in the game.

Where do you go to battle worldwide in Pokemon platinum?

First of all, you MUST have Wi-Fi. Next, you have to beat the Elite Four (all 5 of them) and go through the credits after the game autosaves (there's also a way to skip the credits, but be SURE to do it after the autosave - press and hold L, R, Start, and Select until the screen turns white). Then e ( Full Answer )

How do you go to the battle tower in pokemon diamond?

After beating the elite four, go to snowpoint city, get on that cool ship with the drills on the front, and you will arive at the fight zone. You imediatly meet up with Your rival and battle the sunnyshore city gym leader along with the elite four's very own flint. you have a tough double battle, at ( Full Answer )

Is Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver going to be compatible with future games to trade and battle with?

There is barely any information on Generation 5 yet.. But going on history, The original silver and gold(Generation 2) was compatible with Red and Blue(Generation 1) but was incompatible with Ruby and Sapphire(Generation 3) because of the different consoles (Gameboy and Gameboy adv). But Generati ( Full Answer )

Where do you go next if you battled erika in Pokemon Blue?

Once you have beaten Erika, you will need the Poke flute to continue in the story. If you have a bicycle then you are going to travel west from Celadon City and you are going to run into a sleeping Snorlax. Use the Poke flute to wake him up and battle him. Once he is defeated, or captured, the road ( Full Answer )

How do you go inside the cave of orgin and battle the three legendary Pokemon?

When you first start, You are in a moving van. You go do everything your mother says (Set the clock...ETC) and then you go to the forest. There you see Prof. Birch being chased by a wild Pokemon. You save him by choosing Mudkip, Torchic, or Treeko. Choose Wisely. That will be the Pokemon you keep! ( Full Answer )

Were go after you battled heatran Pokemon Dion?

Basically, unless you haven't caught Giratina, you just try to "catch em all" OR even more fun, you buy an action replay at Gamestop and surf the web for cheat codes. You can get Darkrai and Shaymin with the walk through walls cheat that is already on there by walking directly right from fullmoon is ( Full Answer )

Do you need the national dex to go to the battle zone in Pokemon diamond?

Technically, yes, but it isn't just the Pokedex. There are two requirements; 1. Beat the Pokemon League. 2. Find (It is not necessary to catch) all of the Pokemon in the Sinnoh dex, and then show to Professor Rowan, who then shows to Professor Oak, who then gives you the national dex. Note: ( Full Answer )

Can you gym battle on Pokemon GO at home?

If your home is close to a Pokémon gym, then yes. Otherwise, youwill have to walk closer to the gym in order to interact with it.