Can you gym battle on Pokemon GO at home?

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No, unless you have a gym where your home is located.
If your home is close to a Pokémon gym, then yes. Otherwise, you will have to walk closer to the gym in order to interact with it.
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How do battle gym leaders in Pokemon indigo?

Go to maps ,. then click Gym Leaders on top.. select the gym leader's map you want to fight,. now you can see the gym leader in the map.. Click on him/he r and you can battle with them .... hope this helped

Where do you go after the 5th gym in Pokemon?

you go to the mallville city(3rd gym town) go east and there will be a small river surf to the other side then keep going and Stephen will come when u keep going east then go about 10 steps and u will see a path north go there follow it to go to fortree city

Where do you go after the 7th gym on pokemon diamond?

go to mount coronet use rock climb se a walkthrough on youtube its kinda hard use masterball on diagla then go to 8th gym when you beat it go to elite four best of lucks 9thumbs up)

What order of gyms do you go to on Pokemon FireRed?

ok, first you go tois pewter city that is brock the rock type gym leader, 2nd there is misty in the cerulean city gym that is water, 3rd the is the vermillion city gym and that is Srg. and he is electric, 4th there is the celedon city gym and that is grass.(i don't remember her name.) 5th there is s ( Full Answer )

Where do you go after the third gym Pokemon FireRed?

Assuming you are in Vermilion City and you have already gone to the S. S. Anne to retrieve HM CUT, go to Digletts cave and go out the other side to route 2. In one of the houses there, you will find Prof Oak's Aide who will give you HM Flash. Go back to Digletts cave, then back to Vermilion City ( Full Answer )

Where do you go to battle gym leaders twice in Pokemon platinum?

You will find them in the bit you go to after you beat the elite 4. The place with the battle tower. . after you beat the elite 4, go to the survival area and go to a house with the familiar faces. talk to them and its GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What badge gos with what gym in Pokemon Yellow?

Pewter Gym - Rock Badge . Cerulean Gym - Cascade Badge . Vermillion Gym - Thunder Badge . Celadon Gym - Rainbow Badge . Fuchsia Gym - Soul Badge . Saffron Gym - Marsh Badge . Cinnabar Gym - Volcano Badge . Viridian Gym - Earth Badge

Where is heart home gym in Pokemon platinum?

Hello everyone. I am a Pokemon fan answering the following question: Where is the Hearthome gym? I will be very specific to bear with me. At the door of the Pokemon center, walk exactly 34 steps to your right and there you are. Visit me at Bye Bye! ( Full Answer )

How do you battle in mossdeep gym in Pokemon sapphire?

Guess what you need at least 2 strong Pokemon because the gym leader is actually gym leaders meaning there is two that's because there twins so you have to have at least 2 strong Pokemon to verse them and win.

Pokemon to go gym 4?

the fourth gym is in lavaridge town. to get to there go north out of mauville city. keep going up. use the pokenav (you should have it; if not get it) to find your way. the gym leader flannery specialises in fire type so take water pokemon.

Where do you go after 7th gym Pokemon SoulSilver?

The 8th gym. FAIL ^^Failed answer You go to Goldenrod City(if you beat Olivine city gym also) and go to the radio tower team rocket will have taken over, talk to the guy at the stairs(a team rocket member),Then go down into the tunnel and go tho the place where(i think your childhood friend ( Full Answer )

Where do you go after the first gym in Pokemon emerald?

go north and then inside a cave where you will see a grunt. beat him then go to brineys cottage. (you will have to go through petalburg woods just jump the ledges ) and sail to dewford. -shadowfalcon

In Pokemon HeartGold when can you re battle the Gym leaders?

you can re battle some of them. For instance Sabrina, if you go on the ship from olivane again she 'll be on the dock. talk to her and she'll give you her number. call her when she says and shell battle you, you can do the same with some of the other gym leaders hope this helped.

Where do you go after the third gym in Pokemon Red?

You must have HM05 Flash to go through Rock Tunnel. Rock Tunnel is to the east of Curlean City. You can get HM05 by going through diglett's cave(and end up near pewter city) and going south to a buiding to which you will find Pro. Oak's aid. If you own 10 pokemon, he will award you with HM05.

How can you go to the seventh gym in Pokemon emerald?

Just go to the hide out of team magma then fight the boss then go to lilicove city then go to the cave to the upper part where the 3 wailmer is there then surf and fight the boss of team aqua the the 3 wailmers disappeared after u fought the leader of team aqua.

How do you go to to the for tree gym in Pokemon emerald?

After completing the 5th gym in petalburg..go to mauville..then head east..then surf east then go north..then keep goin straight..[u will have to battle ur rival on the way].then climb some steps..and then u will see a weather institute..clear the problem inside there and then go east and then u wil ( Full Answer )

How do you get to heart home gym in Pokemon platinum?

the hearthome city gym leader is a ghost type,so i recommend ghost,dark or psychic.OR.................................... i'll tell you my way.fantina have driflim,gengar,and mismagius.against driflim,get a electric or rock pokemon,like luxio or graveler,or moves like bite or spark.gengar,get a da ( Full Answer )

How do you go the first gym in Pokemon resolute?

The first gym is located in Pewter City and is managed by Brock. When the player gets to the gym, they need to overthrow the trainer. Once done, the player will face Brock. On defeat, the first badge will be awarded.

How do you battle in the Pokemon GO gym?

First, you have to reach level 5. Get in range of a gym, tap on it,and there should be a button on the bottom right that lets youbattle.