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Actually, I have found an easier way compared to EZ anchors. When you use the PowerHook picture hanger, it holds up to 120 pounds on drywall with no need for a stud. There is just one hook and no need for multiple screws or a power drill to screw into the wall.

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How do you hang a 45 plus pound mirror on a dry wall with studs?

Screw mirror brackets into the studs. (By mirror brackets, I mean the small gripper bracket that are almost invisible and use one screw each. )

How do you hang a 100 pound floor mirror?

Very carefully.^ --lol.or maybe you don't hang it. It's a floor mirror.

How do you hang a 45 pound mirror on a plaster wall?

Get Kevin to do it

Can I hang my 46 LCD tv when I have metal studs?

You need to have good backing between the studs. We use 2x8 or 2x10. I have had many jobs that the plans call for mounted tv's.

Can you hang a 25 pound mirror on dry wall with no studs backing it?

Yes. Simple curved wires are made specifically for this purpose and only involve pushing them through the drywall surface and turning the hanging portion upright. The hangers are rated for 80 pounds each and they work really well. Ask for them at any home improvement store. They may not look substantial but they are.

How do you hang a round mirror on the wall?

Find the wall studs by tapping or by using a cheap tool called a stud finder. Use screws of at least 2 inches long into the studs. Use a drill a little smaller than the screws holes in the walls and then drill some whole in the sides of your mirror. Use a screwdriver to screw the screws through the mirror into the wall.

What other tools or hardware do I need to hang a 50 lb mirror on my wall?

You'd likely want to have a stud finder if you can't find them manually.You'll want to put two wood anchors securely into two studs and secure the mirror by these.

How high to hang a bathroom light on the sides of the mirror?

Hang them exactly where the woman of the house wants them. There is no code as to where to hang them, it is your choice.

How can you hang a shelf that requires 16 inch wall studs when you have 24 inch wall studs?

Use 1 stud and a wall anchor on the other end.

How do you hang a mirror without wire?

if it is a lightweight mirror, use VERY STRONG adhesive padding.

How do you hang drywall to a mirror?

You can't . You must either remove the mirror or build a box around it.

How do you hang wall cabinets without studs my wall is plaster?

There are still studs beneath the plaster and laths they are just harder to find than a modern built wall.

What is the best kind of mirror to hang on the back of my door?

It is not good t hang mirror on back of door according to Feng-Shui. But a sturdy mounting and strong support is necessary and preferable mirror should be small so that the weight will be less.

How does Product Works Peanuts Lighted Window Decoration hang in the window?

you can hang them on any window, or even a mirror.

How high should you hang a mirror behind a dining room table?

You should hang a mirror at least 6 feet high from the floor when hanging it behind a dining room table. You don't want to hang it lower than that because it will reflect the table.

How high to hang a bathroom mirror?

The height that suits you most. (Your hight)

Who does Athena the goddess of wisdom hang out with?

A mirror and a 20 questions game.

What type of anchors do the best to hang a heavy 50lb coat shelve on paneling?

lag bolts driven into studs

How do you put a mirror on a wall?

Find a stud using a stud finder. You can buy them at the hardware store. Drive a nail and then hang the mirror off it.

How high should you hang a light fixture over a plate mirror?

Mount the box one to two inches above where the top of the mirror will be.

How do you hang 20 pound Christmas ornament on vinyl siding?

you dont.

What is the standard height to hang a mirror over a shelf?

It all depends on your personal preference :)

How high to hang a bathroom light over the mirror?

2 oto 3 inches

How do you hang a tassel on the rear view mirror of a 2010 Honda accord?

Sometimes the mirrors are too thick to hang tassels are traditional Asian amulets. In this case, you will need to cut the loop on top of the tassel and tie it around the mirror like a necklace.

How high to hang a round mirror over a console table?

The bottom of the mirror frame should be 6-8" above the top of the table. 6" is ideal.