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Can you have Pneumonia and the flu at the same time?


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Yes, in fact that is one of the primary initial complications of the flu: a secondary bacterial pneumonia or sometimes a secondary viral pneumonia.


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Yes, it is common practice to give immunization for flu and pneumonia at the same time.

Yes, in normal healthy adults both the flu vaccine and the pneumonia vaccine are often given at the same time, but in separate injections/administration.

Not directly. The flu shot will only prevent the specific type of viral influenza that the vaccine has been developed to prevent. Most pneumonia is due to bacterial infections and not viral, although viral pneumonia and bacterial pneumonia are both common secondary complications of influenza. So, in the sense of preventing the flu that might have a secondary complication of pneumonia, it could be somewhat effective but not assured. For better prevention of pneumonia, there is a pneumonia vaccine that can be received at the same time as the flu vaccine, which is often done in the elderly or those with underlying health problems, especially chronic lung or heart diseases.

O.A.Ps, Babies and people with low immune systems are all more prone to pneumonia. Its the same with Swine Flu.

yes a person can have h1n1 at the same time they have pneumonia.

No, not directly. However, pneumonia is a common complication of the flu. So if you avoid the flu with a vaccination, then you can't get the flu complication of pneumonia (which could be viral, like the flu, or could be bacterial). There is a vaccine against bacterial pneumonia that you can take in addition to the influenza vaccine, as well.Now (in April) is a bit late for most places in the Northern Hemisphere to get a flu vaccination for it to be effective during the time of this year's flu season. You may be better off to wait until next year for that (best to do by October) since the types of influenza viruses the vaccinations protect against usually change every year.However, you can get a pneumonia vaccination any time since there is no season for it. See the related questions for more about the flu season.

The pneumonia vaccine is a safe and effective way to lower your risk of developing complicated pneumonias. However, it does not protect against simple coughs and colds, which requires the flu vaccine. The pneumonia vaccine usually needs a booster in a few years time, though the flu vaccine is given annually.Dr Vivek BaligaDirector, Baliga Diagnostics

Yes, you can get flu vaccine and varicella vaccine at the same time.

Yes it can. Complications from swine flu can cause respiratory infections including pneumonia. Swine flu itself can evolve into viral pneumonia, or it can be what is called an "opportunistic" bacterial infection (secondary infection) that a weakened immune system or one that is busy fighting the virus can allow.

No. It was proved to be a different strand of Swine flu.

The stages to get pneumonia is cold flu brounciues (URI or upper respitory infection) pneumonie

Pneumonia normally starts off with flu like symptoms (a cough and fever).

One of the complications of influenza is secondary pneumonia, it may be either viral pneumonia or it could be bacterial pneumonia taking advantage of the weakened state of the host.

You can get sickness from anywhere, even from your room mates flu. That tiny bacteria can spread inside your body into a vast number and that can cause you to be ill. Although pneumonia is the extreme case for a flu, it could happen if your sickness goes untreated.

flu, pneumonia and many otherr things

no pneumonia is a symptom that occors when you get the flu and other similar sicknesses pneumonia is spread like staff is spread which means you can get it when you are in the hospital i hope that helped you

The stomach flu will cause people to vomit and have diarrhea at the same time. I had the poopy fluid coming out of my butt and the mushed up food coming out of my mouth at the same time when I had the stomach flu.

We usually are only sick from one type of flu at a time. So an otherwise healthy person probably won't be sick with the swine flu at the same time they have the regular flu. But after you are over the regular flu, you could get the swine flu if exposed and if you did not get the vaccination to prevent it.

Influenza Virus is THE FLU. Can also develop into pneumonia.

it is pneumonia and you can by being very cold or the flu can turn into it if you have it bad. fact I still have mono ( my third bout), and am down with the flu at the same time..

Not in the same place. And I would highly not recommend getting a tatto. It is a permanent reminder of a temporary emotion.

Yes, if they are getting both vaccines by injections. That timing of the two kinds of vaccinations (seasonal flu shot and swine flu shot) is not a problem, in fact they could be given at the same time. This is not true for the nasal mist vaccinations, however.You can NOT take a nasal flu mist for swine flu at the same time as you take a nasal flu mist for seasonal flu. They can render each other ineffective. Ask a health care professional how long you should wait between these two kinds of nasal mist vaccinations.You can take a nasal flu mist for swine flu with any other nasal flu mist vaccine EXCEPT the one for seasonal flu.The 2009 H1N1 flu shot (inactivated 2009 H1N1 vaccine) can be given at the same visit as any other vaccine, including pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine.You can take a swine flu nasal mist at the same time as a seasonal flu shot.You can take the H1N1/09 swine flu shot and a nasal mist for the seasonal flu at the same time.There would be no reason to take the swine flu shot at the same time as the swine flu nasal mist since both do the same thing, so that should not be done.

You can be ill with a normal body temperature but if it was flu you would be sweating and shivering at the same time.

Mostly the same things it means when a human coughs: Something foreign in the throat or lungs, cold, flu, allergies, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.

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