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The answer below is simply not true. I can't stress it enough. The responder is 100% wrong. You absolutely can have a wedding in a Catholic church after you've had a civil service. How do I know? Because my Catholic wedding is schedule for this November, nearly two years after my civil service. Wrong wrong wrong.

A Catholic is not allowed to undergo a civil ceremony. If you mean to do a civil ceremony and then follow it with a Catholic ceremony you will be refused a Catholic wedding. The Catholic Church only sponsors the sacramental marriage that It witnesses between its members - it is considered an implicit denial of the Faith to undergo a non-Catholic ceremony for whatever reason and thus it is sinful. If you originally had a civil ceremony and then later found out you are not married since you as a Catholic require a Catholic ceremony, you will usually be permitted after consulting with a priest who must first examine the marriage history of you and your partner to ensure there are no impediments.

In some countries of Europe, such as France and Monaco, the State denies the civil existence of any marriage which has not been duly authorized by an agent of the State. Therefore, to be legally wed in the eyes of the law, all couples living in these countries must have a civil ceremony performed first, and afterward, if they care to, a church one. In the eyes of the Church, however, a civilly married couple is not married until after the church wedding.

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What is a Catholic wedding ceremony?

A Catholic wedding ceremony will differ from parish to parish. Most Catholic wedding ceremonies are very much like a standard wedding ceremony. Many Catholic wedding ceremonies include the sacraments.

Can a catholic priest perform a civil wedding ceremony?

A Catholic priest can only perform a Catholic ceremony, not a civil ceremony. The Catholic marriage takes place in a church, except in very special circumstances; and in those circumstances, it would still have to be Catholic in that the parties agree to all the requirements of a catholic marriage.

Can you have a civil wedding ceremony after a Catholic wedding?

* If you are two different faiths, then you could have a Catholic Wedding and then have the wedding of your faith. This is generally done if there is a problem between the bride and grooms parents regarding religious beliefs.

Can a Catholic married to non Catholic in civil ceremony receive communion?

No, this person needs to regularize their wedding with the Catholic Church before receiving communion.

Where is a Catholic wedding ceremony held?

In a Catholic Church.

Civil wedding ceremony?

a civil wedding is a wedding which is taking place in the middle of a civil war, it can also be where you marry your sister.

Can a Catholic be an attendant at a non Catholic wedding?

Roman Catholic AnswerUnder certain circumstances. If it is a non-Catholic religious ceremony (another church or whatever) then no, you may attend a non-Catholic religious ceremony as an observer only but in no way participate. If it is a civil ceremony where neither party is a Catholic, then yes. For specifics, consult your parish priest.

What is the procedure of blessing a civil ceremony wedding in the Catholic Church?

If you are both Catholic and neither was married before you can go to the parish priest and have the marriage validated. You will need to show marriage license and records of baptisms as Catholics. Then you will promise to raise any children as Catholic, and make a permanent commitment for marriage. The blessing ceremony will be the same as a wedding ceremony. You will not be "remarried' but now married with the vows of the Catholic faith

Is the wedding for Prince William a Catholic ceremony?

No, it is Protestant

What does the priest do at a wedding ceremony?

It depends on the religion. In a Catholic wedding the priest officiates and witnesses the sacrament.

Are civil marriages valid in the eyes of GOD?

The depends on the religion of the couple celebrating the marriage ceremony. To contract marriage validly in the eyes of the Catholic Church, a Catholic is required to marry in a Catholic ceremony, even if they are marrying a non-Catholic. If neither party is Catholic, the Catholic Church would consider the civilly-wed couple to be validly married, but not sacramentally married.

Can a civil ceremony Catholic divorced man marry a Catholic woman?

If the man was baptized Catholic, married in a civil ceremony and then divorced, yes, he can marry a Catholic woman in a Church ceremony in the presence of the priest or deacon with proper paper work completed. He could also marry again in a civil ceremony. You need to talk to a priest and apply for an annulment which is a ruling from the Church that no sacramental marriage is present from the civil marriage.

Why did Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly and Now Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock have two weddings?

One is a civil wedding performed by a judge or officer of the government and the other is a religious wedding performed by a catholic priest. Many Christian places, such as Monaco, require that a civil ceremony take place before a religious ceremony.

What does the Catholic priest say in a wedding?

The entire wedding ceremony, and what the priest says, may be found at the link below:

Is a Church of England wedding ceremony the same as a Christian 1?

The Church of England is a Christian church. Perhaps you mean is the ceremony the same as a Catholic wedding ceremony? There are differences between the ceremonies, but also basic similarities.

Can a Catholic priest attend a civil ceremony?

Yes they can. They are also human beings and posses full right to attend any civil ceremony only if it is not against any religious rules.Catholic AnswerA priest could not normally attend a civil ceremony if one of the parties involved was Catholic as this would involve serious sin on the part of all Catholic parties involved.

Can a Catholic priest participate in a non Catholic wedding ceremony?

Only if the propere paper work is filled out validating the marriage as catholic; otherwise, no.

Can a Catholic deacon marry a couple in a civil ceremony?

Yes a catholic Deacon can marry a couple in a civil ceremony. The only rights the deacon does not posses is "Confessions" and "Holy Eucharist - i.e. Celebration of the mass."

Can non baptised man divorced marry single Catholic woman?

Yes, but not in a Catholic ceremony. It would have to be in a civil ceremony or under the auspices of a different religion.

What happens in a Catholic marriage ceremony?

A catholic wedding and a protestant wedding are similar. The wedding ceremony is part of the Mass. During the ceremony, sometimes a bouquet of flowers is placed at the Shrine of the Virgin Mary, and a Unity Candle is often lit. Otherwise, it is fairly similar to any other standard marriage ceremony. Toward the end of the Mass, Communion is distributed to the Bride and Groom and any other Catholics in attendance.

Can a civil wedding and Catholic mass be mixed at the same time?

A Catholic Answer (Catholics in union with the Pope) In the United States, the answer would be yes, because customarily, nearly all members of the clergy of all faiths are licensed by the local state or county to perform marriages, and by agreement with the local state or county, when these clergy members perform the religious wedding ceremony, the civil marriage in the eyes of the civil law takes effect as well, silently, as it were. The couple will have applied for and received by mail their civil marriage license, which the clergyman will usually verify before he performs the ceremony.

Do you have to have a minister do your wedding ceremony my bf and i are both agnostic and find it pointless and hard to find a minister due to our beliefs?

In a word, no, you can have a civil ceremony - it is yourwedding after all, it's the one occassion when you can do what you want. A judge can officiate a wedding ceremony or, if you are on the coasts, a captain of a ship can officiate a wedding in international waters.In other places, a registry office or a wedding celebrant.

What is sentence for ceremony?

"Will you come to my wedding ceremony tomorrow night?" "There is a ceremony in the Church tonight." "What are you wearing for her wedding ceremony?" "Do not forget to be present for her graduation ceremony."

Can you have one wedding ceremony in Catholic Church but different religion?

Only Catholic weddings may be performed in a Catholic Church without special permission from the Bishop of that diocese.

Will Catholic churches do weddings without the Mass?

Yes, you can choose to have a wedding ceremony with or without the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

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