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Q: Can you have a baby if you havent started your period?
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What else can make you miss a period?

i havent not started my period for September or october

Can girls produce discharge even if they havent started their period?

Yes (:

You havent started your period but you have cramps and brown spotting at the end of your sugar pills?

That sounds like a typical period when on the pill.

What does brown vaginal discharge mean?

its your period mosty likely. if you havent started it yet, you have. if you have, its normal

Do you have to have started your period to have a baby?

Yes, because when you get your period it means that your body has a place for the baby to form.

I havent started my period and i started taking my last row of birth control and my period won't start?

It is probably a side effect of the BCP. Just keep on taking them as ordered.

Is it possible to get aids if you havent started your period yet?

yes there is more than one way to get aids.

I am nearly 16 and still havent started my period what shall i do?

Go to the doctor and get some girl hormones.

What does it mean when a girl starts her period but doesn't have it again?

It means that you havent started but you may have a kidney problem

You havent had a period from months your nipples have started hurting what could this mean?

it could mean that you're prego!!

Can you have a baby if you haven't started your period?

No you can not have a baby as you must get your periods first to get pregnant.

I had a baby and havent had a period could i be pregnant again?

Its unlikely but it can happen. There is a 3% chance of it happening but it still could.

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