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Yes, you can have a baby on the Sims bustin' out game just kiss and kiss the guy you like and it will pop the question would you like to have a baby and you answer yes or no.

I've done this before because I own the game and I am sure it will work!!!

And no, there is no cheat for skill building, but at the start at the game stay at moms house (if you want, sell a couple of things to buy the more expensive skill builders*), go onto buy and buy all the stuff you need (in your budget), then build up your skills so then the only mood you need to lift up is your fun ( because if you wet your pants your hygiene will turn back to normal)

*- when you have put all your skills up either sell the stuff you used to build your skills or make yourself bankrupt because if you don't you'll have to owe her all the remainder money you have!

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โˆ™ 2015-05-29 15:08:11
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Q: Can you have a baby on the Sims Bustin' Out video game and are there cheats to get automatic skills?
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