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Yes you can be, at the very least, "shut down". Unlike copyright, trademarks MUST be defended by the mark holder or they can be lost via "dilution".

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Q: Can you have a brand or trademark in your domain name For instance if you had the domain name Google-tipscom or eBay-advicecom would that be legal Or could Google or eBay shut you down for infringing?
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What are the laws regarding displaying copyright and trademark marks on a website is the 1st instance of the word on each web page sufficient?

Often the (r) symbol is considered part of the trademark and always appears with it; this is certainly the case with logos.

Is word Valley already registered as trademark?

There are more than 2000 registered trademarks including the word "valley," many of which are the word alone. However, registrations are limited to certain goods and services, and (particularly in the instance of common words) the trademark owner has no right to object to other uses of the word.

In case law why is Bird vs Parsons important?

Briefly: it was a case which alleged a violation of trademark rights brought against a seller of domain names (a cyber-squatter). The court found (IN THIS PARTICULAR INSTANCE) that no such trademark infringement occurred. See: If the questioner attaches any importance to this decision it is up to THEM to make their own argument.

One which playing card is the cardmaker's trademark?

In a typical deck, it is on the Ace of Spades. In some game decks that don't contain aces, it is often on a joker or other special card. On the Rook for instance, in the game Rook.

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An Instance variable is a variable that is attached to a class instance or object.

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What in meant by an instance

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It is also instance.

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Instance means example. For instance, if students do not do their own homework, they are cheating.

An Experienced Trademark Application Lawyer Helps Clients Protect Some of Their Most Valuable Assets?

Entrepreneurs have a great deal on their minds. If their business is new, they are trying to establish a footing in the marketplace and make their name recognizable to the appropriate consumers. Even businesses that have been in operation for several years have the need to protect their name and reputation, while finding a way to make even greater numbers of consumers aware of their products and services. In both of these situations, the assistance of an experienced trademark application lawyer can prove indispensable. An attorney with experience in intellectual property matters can help new businesses properly utilize their name, logo, and taglines so that they can become a part of the public consciousness. For established businesses, a trademark attorney can help them protect one of their most valuable assets - their good name. A qualified trademark application lawyer assists clients to file trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, but they provide other services as well. Such an attorney might offer advice on ways to strengthen the company's chosen mark and may suggest other ways that the client can protect their intellectual property. This may involve filing a number of trademark applications. For instance, the company may file one application for their logo, a second application for the presentation of their company name as a word mark, and a third application that covers the combination of the logo and the company name. Often, the company will have many other trademarks that it will be necessary to protect. The business may have different product lines, each of which has its own name and logo. Each of these product lines would also need to obtain trademark protection. For businesses that operate in various countries around the world, a trademark application lawyer can also help them achieve trademark protection in each of those jurisdictions. Obtaining a trademark on things like a logo or a company name protects a company's intellectual property. A trademark is a source identifier; essentially, it tells consumers who made the product or who provided the service. A recognizable name with a good reputation attached to it can go a long way to establishing consumer confidence. Studies have shown that people tend to find a favorite brand and stick to it. An experienced trademark application lawyer helps companies to establish a solid brand identifier and then protect it from the encroachment of competitors in the marketplace.

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Come here this instance

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Instance refers to one item of a particular type. for ex: you are one instance of a human, similarly I am one instance of human. An instance in object oriented terms refers to one item of a particular object type.

Is memory allocated for instance methods for each instance method call?

No! Instance methods are allocated memory at first time only.

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An instance in VBNet is the same as an instance in any other language; it is the realisation of a type. In object-oriented languages, like VBNet, we say that an object is an instance of a class, where the class defines the object's type.

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