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You cannot get both the GPS and Sirius Satallite radio options from the factory. Both of these need to use the extra input in the stereo to work and you can only have one or the other. Other options that also require this input (and thus are exclusive of the others) are the iPod adapter and the aux input.

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Q: Can you have a factory GPS unit and a factory Sirius satellite radio at the same time?
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Is there a way to utilize the factory installed satellite radio antenna in a car for a portable satellite radio?

yes because you are using the same radio frequency but as a portable device

Which Sirius Satellite Radios have the longest battery life?

All of the radio models share the same battery life.

Is Sirius satellite radio in Iraq?

No, they do not which is pretty unfortunate because I was looking for the same thing...1. What is SIRIUS? SIRIUS is a service offering over 130 channels of satellite radio featuring digital-quality music, sports, news and entertainment programming when and where you want it. We use three satellites to broadcast over 130 channels of satellite radio to listeners throughout the continental US and Canada.

Is there any way to use two different types of satellite radio in the same unit?

XM and Sirius are now the same company and they have no competition right now.

If you have XM radio can you switch to Sirius with out buying a new radio?

SIRIUS has bought XM radio. they're now the same company. now, you don't have to worry about it!

How is satellite radio different from FM radio?

One of the main differences between satellite radio and FM radio is that there is a cost for satellite and FM is free. Satellite radio also does not operate using the same numerical AM and FM channels as FM radio.

Is XM radio the same as Sirius?

Now it is. Earlier this year, SIRIUS bought out XM radio. Now, customers can listen to channels from both services!

What is the best XM radio or Sirius?

XM and Sirius are now the same company, so they are both equal.

Can US soldiers stationed in Iraq use satellite radios XM or Sirius and would they be able to receive the signal?

Not according to sirius customer service, you CAN listen online but you can't use a portable player. Satellite radio service is beamed to earth from satellites in orbit. XM had two satellites, one over the eastern US and the other over western US. Sirius presumably had the same setup. No satellite reception is possible out of range of those satellites.

How much does it cost to get a satellite radio for a travel alarm clock?

Generally, it would cost the same as getting satellite radio for your car.

Where do you find a Ford truck Sirius satellite radio id?

Turn the vehicle radio "on". Press and hold "AUX" and press "PRESET 1" at the same time. The ESN a 12 digit sequence should show up in the display area.

Is radio waves the same as satellite waves?

acording to what I found yes

How do you get Sirius radio on the internet?

By signing up for a subscrption online, which costs about the same as if you had a radio. However, either way, it only figures out to be about 50 cents/day WITH the radio!

What Does XM stand for on the radio?

XM is the brand name of a satellite radio provider. Their competitor in the market is Sirius Radio. Both provide a wide variety of audio stations beamed from a satellite. This means they are available anywhere in North America, so you can listen to the same station all across the US. Cost for the service is about $10 a month. New GM cars and vehicles are all equipped with XM radio and most come with a free 90 day subscribtion with a new car. Other auto makers also have satellite radios. You can obtain hand held and MP3 capable players as well.

What is better quality XM or Sirus Radio?

XM and Sirius are the same company now, so you'll get equally good programming.

How much does it cost to get satellite radio in my car?

Depends on make and model of car, tuner unit selected, and installation costs. If you want a satellite tuner that is NOT the same as your radio and want the cheapest attachment device to your windshield, $50-$60.

Is a satellite dish a form of radio telescope or antenna?

You can think of it that way. A satellite dish is a parabolic antenna designed to focus radio waves transmitted from a satellite, to enable us to receive the faint and distant signals. A radio telescope does the same thing, except that we're listening for natural radio sources generated by other stars. The basic principles are the same. With optical telescopes, you can use a telescope to look at a sailboat, or you can look at a planet. Are you a sightseer or an astronomer? The same tool is used in each case.

Can radio waves travel through space?

Yes, radio waves do all the time while being broadcast because it goes up to a satellite, is reflected, and then down to the radio. Same with television.

Why does radio and satellite reception deteriorate when the sun goes down?

All satellite equipment, whether it be for communications, TV or radio, operates on its own specific radio frequency to communicate with the satellite. Light also gives off a radio frequency. "White light" which is what the sun gives out, is a full spectrum frequency. This means that every radio frequency there is, the sun is emmiting. So for you, when the sun goes down, the satellite which your radio equipment gets its signal from is probably in the path of the sun. Since the sun's rays are so powerful it inteferes with the satellites signal to your radio equipment. Let me know if I am right on this, you have XM radio. I am a satellite communications systems operator/maintainer in the US Army. Just curious because the XM satellites are geostationary which means that they are constantly in the same place in the sky in relation to the ground. You probably wouldn't have this problem with Sirius radio because their satellites have a highly elliptical orbit which means that there are multiple satellites moving over the western hemisphere where there are always two moving across the skies over North America. Since there are two always in the sky in different locations, if one was in the suns path, your radio would receive its signal from the other. Just as a little satellite humor, we sometimes have problems with our equipment when we try to locate the satellite in the sky. If the satellite is near the sun, our dish sometimes locks onto the sun. A couple of times I've seen when the sun crosses the path of our signal, the dish will start following the sun and we lose communications.

Is Sirius Black older than snape?

No, Sirius and Severus were the same age though Sirius was a few months older. They both began school at Hogwarts in the same year.

What type of electromagnetic wave is used for satellite communication?

Communications satellites are nothing but radio transmitter/receivers ('transceivers'). Whether it's a direct-to-home TV satellite, an orbiting satellite carrying amateur radio (OSCAR), or a Hubble Space Telescope, people on the ground transmit radio to it, and the satellite either repeats the same information back down to other people, or performs some operations of its own and then reports its results by radio to the people down below waiting for the report.

Do you get both Sirius and XM radio in the same subscription now?

As a subscriber you can choose channels from both Sirius and XM or opt to only receive channels from one format. The merger has forced the company to offer options that do not hinder customers choices and preferences.

Pick Your Sports Pleasure With Satellite Radio?

Satellite radio has become a huge thing over the past couple years. For a small monthly fee, users can experience commercial-free radio, with stations covering everything from popular music to comedy. There are two main providers of Satellite radio that users can choose from, XM or Sirius. Even though the two radio giants merged recently, you’ll still have a decision to make when it comes to picking your satellite radio poison. While both carry different stations, you can find just about anything you want with either choice. With most people, though, the decision comes down to one thing: sports. Now, if you’re not a sports radio listener, this probably isn’t going to matter to you at all, and honestly, you’ll be fine selecting either XM or Sirius, because the same array of music, talk and comedy span both stations. If you are a sports listener, however, this is where your decision gets tricky, because even though there are sports stations offered on both XM and Sirius, each provider carries one major sport. XM radio carries every Major League Baseball game, while Sirius is the provider of every NFL football game. Now, you’ll still be able to hear some of every sport on both stations, but XM and Sirius have dedicated stations devoted to these sports. It’s one of the best features satellite radio provides, the ability to listen to any baseball or football game. You can also select from stations featuring coverage of NASCAR, the NBA, the NHL, soccer, the PGA Tour and multiple sports-talk stations. Since the two companies merged , prices are going to be comparable for service. So, really, your decision is your sport’s desire. If you’re a football fan, you’re going to want to go with Sirius. If you’re a fan of baseball, stick with XM. Just like television, there are several packages that you can choose from, most of which include the actual satellite radio. The service itself runs between $10 and $20 per month, depending on the package, and you can expect to pay between $100 and $200 for the actual radio. Satellite radio provides a lot to people, from popular music, to politics and talk radio and even stations dedicated completely to comedy. One of the most popular features, though, is the ability to listen to almost any baseball or football game, but that leads to a decision. You’ll have to pick your favorite sport and stick with it, and you can’t go wrong.

What channel is Radio Disney on in Kentucky?

That depends on what type of sattelite radio you have. If you have Sirius, it's on channel 115. If you have XM, it's the same. Written By: Helpful_hinamoriAmu One day i will tell you ,my real name

Do you need to keep factory radio in a 2004 Chevy trailblazer to replace with an aftermarket head unit?

radio = head unit same thing, different names