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Yes, you can. Just remember that if that person does drive the car (maybe to take you to the emergency room) you will have NO coverage.

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Q: Can you have a family member removed from your auto insurance policy?
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Can you take a life insurance policy out for a family member?

Yes, it is possible.

Can anyone be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy?

Yes. Anyone can get a policy on another family member.

Does home insurance cover injury to family member?

No. That's what your major medical insurance policy is for.

Can someone be added to a car insurance policy that is not a family member?

Yes, If someone will be driving the car, it is recommended to add inform your insurance company and have them added to the policy.

Can you be the named driver on a car insurance policy if the car is owned by a non-family member?


Do you have to add licensed non family member living in your home to you auto insurance policy?

No. If they are going to drive the family car you can, if the insurance company allows it, but they should really have their own insurance.

Can you add a step child to your insurance?

Absolutely; a step child is legitimately a member of a family and can be insured, or can be the beneficary of a family insurance policy, just like a biological child.

If you give a family member who has their own insurance policy permission to drive your car and they get into an accident which policy covers the accident?

the policy that covers the car that is being driven.

Can a executor be beneficiary of a will and insurance policy of the decedent?

Yes, it is very common that a member of the family be named as executor.

What do you call the money awarded from a life insurance policy on a spouse or family member when they die?

It is called the death benefit.

Can you purchase life insurance on a family member in prison?

You can certainly apply for an insurance policy; whether the insurance company will choose to accept your application is up to them. A family member in prison is not supporting anyone, so there is no issue of replacing lost income, however, there could still be a legitimate need for an insurance policy to help pay funeral costs. I am not sure how elaborate a funeral you may be planning, but a $5000 funeral policy sounds quite reasonable to me.

How does a family term life insurance policy differ from an individual policy?

A family life insurance policy differs from an individual insurance policy by the amount of persons included in the policy. The family option includes a (marriage) partner and probably one or more children. There might also be the option to include pets into the policy depending on the insurance company.

Is there such a thing as a family policy or does each family member have a separate policy?

== == Yes.

How do you remove someone from your auto policy?

Call your insurance agent and ask for them to be removed from your policy.

Who is responsible for damages if a permit driver who is not on your insurance policy nor is a family a member drives your car with your permission while you are in it and they get into an accident?

you ni^^a

What is the difference between a health insurance subscriber and a health insurance member?

The Subscriber is the policy holder. A member is anyone covered under an insurance plan.

Will homeowners insurance cover caregivers costs for the inured?

No. There is no way that a homeowners policy would cover any medical costs for the insured or any family or household member. That is what health insurance is for not house insurance.

How can you purchase a life insurance policy for a family member?

contact an insurance agency, get the person to agree that it is okay for you to insure them, pay the money and have insurance There is no separate process to buy a life insurance policy for a family member. As long as he or she has granted consent and is willing to undergo the necessary medical exam one has to follow exactly the same steps as buying a policy for oneself i.e. calculate your premium, receive multiple quotes, choose your policy, complete the application form, complete the medical exam and pay the premiums once the medicals have been cleared.

How do you cancel auto Insurance on a family member that has passed away when there is no death certificate?

If you own the policy, then just call your insurance agent and have the deceased individual removed from your policy.If the deceased owned the policy then you will need the death certificate as well as proof that you are the legal representative (Executor) of the estate before you can make changes.Alternatively, you can just stop paying the premiums and it will cancel by default for non-payment.Good Luck

What kind of policy is Endowment Insurance Policy?

Endowment Insurance policy is life insurance. Life insurance is very important to have, especially if you have a family or kids. If anything should happen to you, you would want to know that your family could live comfortably without your income.

Can you add your mother to a whole life insurance policy as a member of your family?

She will have to go through the underwriting process and then be issued separately. However you can be the owner and beneficiary of this policy while your mom is the insured.

Can an insurance company act as the trustee of a life insurance policy for the beneficiaries?

Such a situation would assume there is a trust in place. A good lawyer would suggest a interested party such as a family member.

How does life insurance provide for a family in cases of suicide?

In case of suicide, the insurance company will not provide any compensation for the family of the policy holder. Life insurance will only take care of the family of the policy holder when he does not take his own life.

Whom should I insure in policy?

First you need to insure yourself if you are the earning member of your family. If your spouse is also earning then both of you could take an insurance cover in a joint-life policy. It is a good option for working couple since it could serve as a low-cost policy covering both of them. Also If you have children you can cover them in your insurance policy. There are many plans available in market such as family health insurance to cover your love ones or a individual health insurance to cover yourself from unwanted situations.

Will insurance pay for colonoscopy screening?

Some insurance companies will and some won't. The answer is dependent on your policy benefits and limitations. Contact your insurance company to speak with member services about your specific policy.