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Can you have a gum infection with a tooth growing underneath?


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It is possible for the gums to become infected anywhere.

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An infection at the root of the tooth or between the gum and the tooth. commonly caused by severe tooth decay, gingivitis, and gum disease

An abscessed tooth is a painful infection at the root of a tooth or between the gum and a tooth. It's most commonly caused by severe tooth decay. Other causes of tooth abscess are trauma to the tooth, such as when it is broken or chipped, and gingivitis or gum disease.

A hole in the tooth or gum tissue filled with pus as the result of infection.

A tooth abcess is an infection that should first be treated with antibiotics. Then the tooth itself should be treated by either a root canal or gum treatment.

Smoking, chewing - and the cancer that will result, Infection of the tooth or gum - perhaps an abcess Cavity in the tooth Some kinds of drug use Food caught between the teeth or between the gum and tooth Injury to the gum - like scratching it while eating a tortilla chip If it increases from "slight" it might means your tooth is about to fall out

Sounds like a Sinus Trac. Which does not have anything to do with the sinus. But it is because there is an infection in the tooth. It looks like a little bump. But this is how the infection is trying to get out.

An infection in the gum surrounding the tooth's root has caused an abscess.

Antibiotics as a treatment for a tooth infection is only a temporary solution. As soon as you stop taking the antibiotic, the infection is likely to return. This because antibiotics do not treat the cause of the infection (decay or gum disease). The cause of the infection needs to be addressed with definitive treatment.

An Abscess indicating that a there is infection present in the nerve of the tooth. You need to get to a dentist ASAP. If this is the case you will more than likely be put on an antibiotic until the infection is cleared up and the tooth can be treated.

The potion of the tooth seen above your gum is called the "Crown" of the tooth. It consists of an outer layer of enamel, then dentin underneath the enamel, then the pulp which is the nerve.

no. it may make it worse. Gum disease is a chronic infection, often under the tooth line. See your dentist.

tooth broke off at gum line

A lump that is under the gum of an abscessed tooth is likely to be an infection. It is necessary to see a dentist who can determine the best course of treatment and prevent further damage.

Dental abscesses are are caused by a bacterial infection in the teeth or gums. If a tooth is the source of the infection, it is usually the result of an untreated cavity. A cavity is an infection caused by a combination of carbohydrate-containing foods and bacteria that live in the mouth. The bacteria digest the carbohydrates and give-off an acid waste. This acid essentially eats away the hard enamel of the teeth, and results in tooth decay (or a cavity). If left untreated, the cavity moves deeper into the tooth until it eventually reaches the pulp, infecting the tooth's nerve and blood supply. The abcess is a collection of puss that results from the infection process. A gingival (or "gum") abscess is caused by an infection of the gum. Bone loss from periodontal (gum) disease can cause a pocket or space to form between the tooth, gum and bone. Bacteria and other debris get into the pocket and an abscess can form.The major symptoms would be pain and swelling

Rub basil oil around the tooth and gum. Will also help if there is an infection. If there is skin irritation after, dilute with a little olive oil.

A wisdom tooth may be growing beneath the gum and can appear as a lump. They are usually similar in shape to your back molars and about the same size.

Abcess, where bacteria has set up an infection at the end of the tooth's root.Might be a gum infection.Either way, get to a dentist. Any infection should be treated, especially one in the head region.

most likely it is a cavity but u might just have an infection try to take maybe a toothpick and clean it out either like that or spray water at it

Fear of needles is not a rationale for extracting a tooth. On the other hand, if you refuse to consent to having the tooth or gum treated, extraction may be the only acceptable alternative. That raises the question, will you have the tooth without use of local anesthetic? That will probably hurt a lot more than a needle to numb the tooth and gum.

The part of the tooth above the gum is the sulcus this is the neck of the tooth.

Usually a dentist will treat your gum infection.

YES! In fact getting the offending tooth out of your mouth will result in the infection going away faster. The only time a tooth should not be taken out in the presence of an infection is when the gum tissue around wisdom teeth is infected. These should be treated with antibiotics first to avoid spreading the infection into the neck.

There are several possible complications that can arise from a tooth extraction. If the tooth was not extracted properly there may be small bit of the tooth left behind in the gum. A tooth extraction could also lead to an infection in the mouth, as when a tooth is extracted, there will be open skin for germs to enter,

After a tooth extraction the gum will be red, swollen, and possibly bleeding. There will be a small indentation where the tooth once was. Healing occurs from the bottom up and as the gum heals it will smooth over where the tooth once was.

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