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2007-07-05 17:34:43
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Q: Can you have a healthy baby after having two abortions?
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What are the chances of Getting pregnant after two abortions?

Dont know but maybe after having two abortions you should consider birth control of multiple natures

Can you become pregnant after having two abortions and herpes?

Yes you should be able to. Unless you had complications after the abortions. Herpes does mean you have to have a c-section when giving birth.

Can two thrid cousins have a healthy baby?

Yes they can. The chances of having a "sick" baby is zero percent. Because the genes are so different that they are no longer compatible.

Does smoking reduce chances of having a healthy baby?

Yes! Smoking can do two seriously harmful things to a baby. Firstly, the baby can be born with blood poisoning, and secondly (perhaps of the two that cannot be cured) is that the baby can be born addicted to smoking, especially if you smoked from the start to finish of the pregnancy.

Can two people with herpes have a healthy baby?


Can you get pregnant easily after two abortions?

Same as before the abortions which means it can take up to 18 months.

Is it safe to have two abortions in one month?

If you want to be able to carry children in the future, it would be worth you using a form of protection. Abortions can harm your chances of ever carrying children, having one can cause problems, two in one month, could be even more problematic.

Can two felons live together if there having a baby?


How can two healthy people have a baby that is born with cystic fibrosis?

It's possible to carry the CF gene but not actually have CF. When two carriers have a baby together the baby can have CF.

Has Sarah Palin receeved abortions?

No but she had two miscarriages.

How many abortions did Nicki Minaj have?

she only had two

Is Justin Bieber have a baby?

two children, daughter Jazmyn and son Jaxon

Can you still get pregnant if you have had two abortions and pid?

Yes, you can get pregnant after two abortions. I myself had two: the forst was a medical abortion and the second was a surgical abortion. Both were done exactly a year apart to the date. Exactly a month to the date of the second abortion I discovered I was again pregnant (all three with the same partner). I now am the proud mother of a happy healthy 2 and 1/2 year old son.

What is the change of two people having a baby girl?

Not so sure about the "change" of two "peole" but the chance of two people having a baby girl is 0.48 (approx).This assumes that these are people of child-bearing age, with average genetic characteristics.

Is a dolphin having a baby today?

There is probably a dolphin out there having a baby as we speak. The ocean is vast and contains many dolphins, so chances are there is a new dolphin or two.

What are the odds of two blond parents having a black haired baby?


I think i m 5week pregnant but dont want this baby because i jus had a baby?

well it is not healthy at all for oyur body to get pregnant so soon after having a baby, doctor's usually reccomend giving your self two years, while i am against advising abortion to anyone, i would speak to your doctor about your options.

Is it safe to have two abortions in the same year months apart?

Yes it is.

Did Nicki minaj have two abortions?

Nicki Mianj had one abortion.

You are twenty two weeks pregnant and your baby is very active is this normal?

Yes, this is perfectly normally and good, healthy sign that your baby is doing well.

If two home pregnancy tests came out positive can you be confident you are really having a baby?

If you followed the directions to the HPT correctly and both tests was positive, you are having a baby, CONGRATULATIONS!

Do you have to grow out your pubic hair before having a baby?

The two have nothing to do with each other. A woman with a hairless vagina can have a baby.

Can having a baby make a boy fall in love with you?

To whom it may concern ; No, having a baby can not make a boy fall in love with you. Love should happen between the two people before a baby is even a thought.

Can one have two abortions in a span of two months?

It would be more than 2 months if you count healing from the first one and having time to get pregnant from the second one. But yes it's safe as long as you go to a doctor.

What is a risk factor for having a baby with Down syndrome?

risk of having a baby with Down syndrome increases with her increasing age. Two types of testing is available during a pregnancy to determine if the baby being carried has Down syndrome.