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Q: Can you have a healthy baby after having two abortions?
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Can you become pregnant after having two abortions and herpes?

Yes you should be able to. Unless you had complications after the abortions. Herpes does mean you have to have a c-section when giving birth.

Can you have a healthy baby after a miscarriage and two abortions?

Yes you can. The concern would be what caused your miscarraige and is it likely to cause one again and scar tissue in your uterus from previous abortion. Scar tissue can cause the placenta from attaching correctly.

Can two people with herpes have a healthy baby?


Can you get pregnant easily after two abortions?

Same as before the abortions which means it can take up to 18 months.

Can two felons live together if there having a baby?


Is it safe to have two abortions in one month?

If you want to be able to carry children in the future, it would be worth you using a form of protection. Abortions can harm your chances of ever carrying children, having one can cause problems, two in one month, could be even more problematic.

How can two healthy people have a baby that is born with cystic fibrosis?

It's possible to carry the CF gene but not actually have CF. When two carriers have a baby together the baby can have CF.

Has Sarah Palin receeved abortions?

No but she had two miscarriages.

How many abortions did Nicki Minaj have?

she only had two

Is Justin Bieber have a baby?

two children, daughter Jazmyn and son Jaxon

Is it safe to have two abortions in the same year months apart?

Yes it is.

Did Nicki minaj have two abortions?

Nicki Mianj had one abortion.

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