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Yes, you can. You can have periods a short while into a pregnancy. It's rare, but it's possible. A pregnancy test is probably in order. Afterwards, not having sex till you're a bit older and ready to deal with the consequences might be in order as well.

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What could be wrong if your period came on really lightly at the beginning of the week for one day and then stopped?

Either pregnancy, hormone imbalance, or a light period.

Does light period mean pregnancy?


Is it possible to have a light period with pregnancy?

Yup its actually a sign of pregnancy!

Is it possible for a woman to have a period if she is pregnant?

Hello. Yes it is possible for a woman to be pregnancy and experience light bleeding during early pregnancy, similar to a period. Pregnancy bleeding will not be heavy or a normal period.

Could I be pregnant if I had my period but I have some of the symptoms of being pregnant?

If you had normal period (not short! not light!) - your chances for pregnancy are about 1%. If you had unusual period + pregnancy symptoms - you chances or pregnancy are 50%-60%.

Can you still have a light period during pregnancy?

Yes you can have bleeding but it wont technically be your period

Can you take pregnancy test if you had a light period and when should you do?

When your period Is over take the test.

Can you have a positive pregnancy test then a negative pregnancy test and light period and still be pregnant?


I have light spotting with cramps but no period?

Light spotting with cramps but no period means it's time for a home pregnancy test.

What are other reasons besides pregnancy that you have a light period?


Can you have your period throughout your pregnancy?

You can have light bleeding a spotting during early pregnancy but heavy, normal bleeding exactly like a period is unlikely.

Is it normal to have light period for one day and heavy on the 2nd day but on the 3rd day dark brown discharge is that a sign of pregnancy?

It is normal to have it heavy, light, or light, then heavy. It is dark brown at the end because the blood isn't fresh, as it is in the beginning. It's not a sign of pregnancy, it's completely normal.

Your period started four days late but very light could it be pregnancy?

No, it is not pregnancy, it has happened to me, its nothing.

How long after a light short period should you test for pregnancy?

you can test during the period, or anytime afterward if you are concerned that you were pregnant during the light period. ~pawsalmighty

Cramping after Light Period sign of Pregnancy?

No. Some are heavy and some are light. Sounds normal.

Can a light period mean you are pregnant?

Yes, it can. Take a pregnancy test

Why are you having pregnancy symptoms with a light period?

Because your hormones are unstable

Is light red period blood a sign of pregnancy?

Light red period blood is a sign of a period. Spotting may be a sign of an implantation bleed if very minor.

Can you get pregnant 3 days before your period and then have a very light period?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test

Could you be pregnant if your period was very light and short?

Since a light period or spotting is ocnsidered a pregnancy symptom in some cases, yes you could be. Take a home pregnancy test and/or see your doctor to test there.

If your period is lighter than usual when should you take a home pregnancy test?

You can take it at anytime. Your period will not affect the results of the pregnancy test and if you are having a light period and suspect a pregnancy, the test should be fairly accurate at this point. ~pawsalmighty

Is a period during pregnancy and pregnancy symptoms hereditary?

A period during pregnancy is not hereditary however it is never a normal period. It's simply a light period or vaginal bleeding. Pregnancy symptoms are not hereditary. Every woman will experience different pregnancy symptoms and the same woman may have different symptoms in different pregnancies. There are things that go on during pregnancy which can be symptomatic and hereditary, but these are separate from the symptoms which indicate pregnancy.

Can a short period be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes as a matter of fact most women last period is short and light and some are just light with spotting.

Can you be pregnant if your period comes on early?

You don't get your period (bright red, light, heavy, light) when you are pregnant. In early pregnancy you could have implantation bleeding around the time of your period (light pink/brown and spotting)

How soon after a light period can you take a pregnancy test?

It is more accurate to perform a pregnancy test 3 weeks after intercourse.