Can you have a lover and stay married to someone else?


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it is possible, buts its wrong. if you love your wife or husband you wouldn't want to hurt them, and if they found out you had a lover they would almost certainly be hurt. if you were to go ahead and have a lover on the side you have to ask yourself whether you want to be married to that person. it almost always ends badly and if theres children involved i would definetly advise against it. . . gemma. you would like to argue your thoughts x x x


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you will ask the woman if she still marry or not, if she stay talk you read the lips

When someone gets married then this person should be having a life with the person they married. Being friends with a former lover NEVER works and it's obvious you are going to be the brunt of many painful moments. I am sorry to tell you so bluntly, but it's time you move on and because this so-called former lover asked to be friends doesn't look like they are going to have a lasting marriage in the future. Stay away! This person has made their choice. Good luck Marcy

She thought she would be shamed everywhere else, and her "lover" and husband were still there.

The reason why they stay friends with a lover is because they where not friends from the start of the relationship.

Ay first its Peyton but they aren't good together so they break up and Nathan meets Hayley and they get married and stay married in the show!

Same as everyone else; "Till death do you part".

The password does that for you. If someone else has it, you need to change it, and don't stay signed in so no one else can get in.

If your husband is dating someone, you clearly have a problem to solve. Decide if you will stay married to someone who would do this to you. Insist it stops if you want to stay with him or file for divorce and find someone who deserves you.

A word of advice for you break up with your lover. Continue your marriage and see that you will love your husband more than your lover, to avoid the future consequences!!!!. this may not answer your question i mean no one is perfect

No most certainly not. If you are already cheating on your spouse and on top of that don't love them then do both of you a favour and let go.

Would you want someone else to be messing with a relationship you have with someone...didnt think so.

yes because why stay with someone who love some one else and rather stay with someone who loves you.

He wants Odysseus to be her lover and stay with her forever.

Obviously you don't really want to stay with your husband; why are you dating someone else, then? You have already stated he is abusive and you know someone who is able to take far better care of you. Accept the fact that your hussband is, for lack of better terms, a dangerous and unloving person. Divorce him and pursue the relationship with the other man, provided he is not married himself and would be accepting of the idea.

well, she might still have some fillings for you.

No you can't. Once a rival marriage happens there is no way you can marry either person in the rival couple. They are already married and have no interest in your character anymore. If Vaughn has married Sabrina you have no choice but to marry someone else or stay single.

He might be in love with someone else. He might be liking someone else. He maybe wants to be in relationship with that girl that is why he did this thing. You should keep your calm and stay cool headed now.

If you love the guy and want to stay with him, then you need to stay with him. Explain to the other person that you don't love him.

Dunga, but he got fired and it will be someone else, stay tuned for the highlights

If you like someone else, you should stay good friends with the boy that liked you, but don't get jealous if he likes another girl because you had your chance.

stay calm and try to impress her also if she says no ask someone else

That he is someone you should stay away from. He is a word I can not use here since the answer would get flagged for inappropriate. If he does not care more for the woman he married why would he care about you? Stay away from married men who wants to cheat.

Run! Run far and fast! This young lady obviously doesn't know her own mind. If she loved you she would have never gotten married. She made her choices. People that love someone don't run off and marry someone else. I have no doubt she has regretted getting married. She is in the time of her marriage where reality sets in (all marriages go through this) and she doesn't like it. Instead of working on her marriage she is looking for a relationship with someone else. Be smart ... stay away from her!

Marrying for citizenship is a crime punishable by law.

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