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Although the chance of miscarriage goes down significantly after you see the heartbeat and reach the 12 week point, there is always a chance that something may happen. Any fetal demise under 20-22 weeks is considered a miscarriage. If you are feeling crampy or bleeding call your doctor with any questions, that is what they are there for.


Risk of a miscarriage decreases greatly once a woman has reached three months into her pregnancy.

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Q: Can you have a miscarriage after 4 months?
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Can you have a miscarriage at 4 months without bleeding?


Can you get a miscarriage at 4 months without bleeding?

Yes you can have a miscarriage at any point in pregnancy and not bleed or have any normal signs of miscarriage

How long in your prgenancy do you have to be to have a miscarriage?

Usually in the first 3 or 4 months is when you have a miscarriage. Maybe you are meaning abortion? Look it up.

Did brenda song have a miscarriage?

Yes, Sure looks like it, They announced it 4 months ago that they where and just 2 months later Brenda's Mother said that they Miscarriage

Can after 2 months miscarriage is detected by any tests?

A miscarriage cannot be detected or determined two months later.

You think you are 4 months pregnant Are you too far a long to miscarry?

There is always a chance for a miscarriage.

Can you have a miscarriage at five months pregnant?

You can have a miscarriage through out the pregnancy for different reasons.

What happens when you had a miscarriage can you come on your periods for a couple of months?

After a miscarriage the period usually comes back within 2 months.

Can you have a miscarriage at 4 or 412 months?

Unfortunately, yes you can. It is much less common but probably more upsetting for that.

Is is normal to experience Bleeding between periods after 4 months of miscarriage?

No it is not. See you doctor to find out what is wrong.

Can you misscarry at 4 months?

Yes you can have a miscarriage throughout the pregnancy, but it's most common in the first trimester.

Is it dangerous to get pregnant 2 months after you had a miscarriage?

It is dangerous to get pregnant so fast after a miscarriage.

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