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Q: Can you have a nose bleed by looking a picture you really like?
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What does i own your picture mean in slang?

I really like you picture(:

Why do mice bleed?

Mice bleed like any other creature, if you cut it, hurt it really badly, or it's sick.

What is an example on imagery from text?

it is like looking at a picture and describing it.

When you send a picture on your phone is it a text?

Not really, its more like a picture message.

What does the picture of the dragon look like on counterfeit?

a lizard looking thing

How do you know if star curves is not a scam?

Try looking on Google pictures older picture of them. Like really older. There's always some relative or classmate who posts on internet that picture of when they all were at the beach and there you can see how was the body.

You are are fat but you are really into looking at fat people?

so you like looking at yourself.

When was Bleed Like Me created?

Bleed Like Me was created in 2020-03.

What is the art definition of observation?

well, it sorta means like looking at somthing and looking at all of the small parts. For example, the painting The Sream, what do you see? What is happening in the picture? You look for clues hidden i a picture and it tells a what that picture is about.

What do you look like in a mirror?

you wanna see a picture?

Why does he look at you like that?

That really depends on how he is looking at you. If he is looking and smiling it is because he likes you if he is looking at you strangely it may be because he is just trying to get to you as you may have just broke up. This is really hard to answer as I don't know how he is "looking at you like that".

What does a camel spider look like?

Go to the link below and there should be the picture you are looking for.

What does it mean when someone says I own to a picture on Facebook?

It just means that they really like that picture and they want to 'own' it.

Why did your nose piercing bleed really bad?

When I got my nosed pierced it didn't bleed very much just like it would if I had gotten a scratch, but the guy that pierced my nose told me that he was surprised I didn't bleed very much because he said it depends on the person, like if you bleed alot when you get cut or something you're gunna bleed pretty good but they'll know what to do.

Is it weird to give my coach a photo framed picture of him and me?

No, he might really like it.

What does a saw from the first century look like?

have you tried looking at a picture very unusual i can Tell you that.

Are any items with a picture of Queen Mary and King worth money like a plate?

my guess is that if it looks pretty then yes. but if it is really ugly or cheap looking then its probably worth 5 bucks.

Is it to bleed like a stuck pig or stuffed pig?

The saying is "bleed like a stuck pig," since a stuffed pig wouldn't bleed.

Why does Deidara look like a girl?

He really does not look like a girl, unless you are looking at a picture that portrays him as one. He has a deep voice, he has a irritable temper, and he has a tattoo on his chest that he exposes frequently. These factors make it rather obvious that he is male.

When was Bleed Like Me - song - created?

Bleed Like Me - song - was created on 2005-05-09.

What does 'bleed like a stuck pig' mean?

It means 'to bleed profusely'.

Do you have a tooth fairy picture?

Search your imagination. No one really knows what she/he looks like.

What does a monkey look like?

Monkeys are smart, good- looking, fun and cute. Look at the picture above

What happens in the flocculation and coagulation process?

Coagulation: Bleed like hell. Flocculation: Bleed? Like hell.

Why do boys seem to like looking at girls breasts?

Some guys like breasts, and when they are looking it means they are really noticeable. Like they are either really big, or they have a lot of cleavage showing. Siliver96 replys: or they want to touch them.