Can you have a period after sex?


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If you don't have a period after sex then that means your pregnant. But if you do have it after sex then your aren't pregnant :] so yes, yes you can.

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Having your period after unprotected sex means you are not pregnant.

If you have had ur period 2 days after you have had sex then your not pregneant, but if your period is late after haveing sex then you could be pregnant!

it is not right to have sex when you r having your period. protected or not it is dirty.

It is never 'safe' to have unprotected sex, period.

Having sex does not change the day of your period.

You can get pregnant anytime you have sex. Sex during a period makes pregnancy very unlikely.

It is unlikely that you are pregnant if you started your period straight after sex

Sex doesn't delay your period unless you get pregnant.

No a women still had her period and sex does not affect it

You have to have had your period and had sex to get pregnant

If you have sex during your period, there will be no side effects. However, you can still get pregnant if you have sex while on your period.

When you have unprotected sex and then miss a period When you have unprotected sex and then miss a period

You can have sex whenever you choose, even while your on your period...though I do not recommend it.

if you get pregnant you will not have your period

If you got your period after you had sex then you cannot be prenant...unless you had sex again after your period.

only exercise help you for improvement the period of sex no any medicine available to improve the period of sex that is mostly depend upon the CNS if any person having the stress problem it is necesary to have the short period of sex but if you remove the stress you definitely improve the period of sex. only exercise burn the tress or we can say that help to burn the stress.

its normal that you had your period for 6 days. but take the pill and then have sex once your off. dont do it while on your period.

No. If dogs start to hump you when your starting your period then dogs must think your hot and want to have sex with you and when they want to have sex with something they have sex with it.

If you have your period, and if you have had sex

Technically, if you get your period, then you aren't pregnant

It's okay to have protected sex at any point in your cycle, even when you are on your period!

Not really. Often your period can be delayed a day or so by sex. If you haven't had a period in several weeks take a test.

Nothing. It doesn't change a thing. Period or no period you are still a virgin. Being a virgin means you haven't had sex. The period means you can get pregnant, so no sex means you can't get pregnant.

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