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What is a tank?

An armored military vehicle capable of fighting. A tank is a large armored, tracked military vehicle, armed with a large main gun and several machine guns. It is used to attack enemy troops, vehicles, and other tanks. After WW1, a Tank usually had one main gun that was mounted in a turret that co ( Full Answer )

What is a snook?

A snook is a saltwater fish which are plentiful here in Florida waters. Some people consider them to be a gamefish but most REAL Floridians consider them to be one of the best food fishes around. There IS an open and closed season and size and quantity limits on snook. They generally grow to a maxim ( Full Answer )

What is a young snook called?

some people cal them labrador snook like the dog because if you lip them of pick them up by the mouth they look like a puppy.

Do pueblos have a rival tribe like enemys people who snook into their tribe trying to kill them?

MAGRAY A MARTIAL & A WARRIOR KASHMIRI TRIBE: . Also known and spelled as MAGRI, MAGRE & MAGREY. But the correct spelling is MAGRAY. Pleural of MAGRAY is . Magray is a Martial Kashmiri tribe of Rajput origin. Magray sprung from Kashtri-un-Nassal Rajput. Kashtri-un- ( Full Answer )

Where is Snook South Africa?

Snook or snoek is a name for several species of fish which live in the southern ocean off the coast of South Africa.

Never underestimate the power of a snook Which cartoon phrase person said this?

This was the "tag" line of a 1960's commercial for The Rocky and Bullwinkle show. The "bad guy"/villain character Boris Badenov said this at the end of the commercial after stealing letters from the "Billboard" for the show. . The billboard read "Rocky and his Friends" but the letter Boris stole ( Full Answer )

Why are tanks called tanks?

Though the tank was being developed in many countries simultaneously, the first to enter service were constructed by William Foster and Company of Lincoln, England. Sir William Tritton, the designer and MD of the company, recorded that to maintain secrecy the cover story was devised that they were m ( Full Answer )

Is snook an English name?

-Snook is an English name. -you are are such a moron Luke T and its so obvious you have a crush on Chloe. lol what the hell - It's a joke lol

What is meant by cocking a snook?

It's when you use your thumb or first finger to raise (or jerk) the end of your nose in the air in a mocking way. Snoot I guess comes from snout and 'to cock' is to lift - like when you cock a riffle or gun I think. You might do this if you were calling someone snooty or posh, as in thinking they ar ( Full Answer )

What is the world record snook?

\nThe best part of this question, I thought, was the question which lay, unasked, herein. That being, of course: What is a snook?\n. \nSo I looked. And now I know. And what I know is this:\n. \nTo hook a snook does not take much talent. Large or small, one can hook em all.\n. \nTo reel em in's an ( Full Answer )

How do move your fish from tank to tank?

you can fish the fish out of the tank with a net or a cup and keep them in a bowl with some water that came from the unclean tank, until the next tank is ready for their arrival. So when you have the next tank ready, you can just take the cup and dump them in with the water that you left it in when ( Full Answer )

Who is Justin snook?

One is a dork we call "tookie" and the other is a rapper who sings the song "mike stood" both from HB Newfoundland

How do you spell neta snooke?

The early aviation pioneer was Neta Snook (1896-1991), who famously gave Amelia Earhart her first flying lessons in 1921.

What parts of the world do snook live?

Snook is a marine fish, found in the coastal waters of the western Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean from Florida to Texas and to Brazil

How do you sell tanks in world of tanks?

if you look at the top leftish part of your garauge by the store there is a depot button click that choose your tank and sell. Sometimes your tank will not sell this may be because your barracks are full. There is a box that says sell barracks click it to wear there is NO check in the box then sel ( Full Answer )

Is a snook fish a consumer?

Yes it is. it eats wunzle larvae as well. but yes, it is a consumer. eating wunzle has nothing to do with it being a consumer because it is one. well not the wunzle lar vae but the snook fish. i just thought i would mention something it eats.

Where would one find a common snook?

One would find the common snook in the sea. The common snook is a fish that tends to live off the western Atlantic coast and in the Caribbean Sea. They can grow up to five feet long.

What states have the fish species Snook for fishing?

Florida and Texas have the fish species Snook for fishing. This fish is usually found in South America. However, you have to pay close attention to the fishing regulations for each state.

When did Snooks Eaglin die?

Snooks Eaglin died on February 18, 2009, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA of heart attack and prostate cancer.

What movie and television projects has Gareth Snook been in?

Gareth Snook has: Played Bamatabois in "Great Performances" in 1971. Played Peter Jenkinson in "The Bill" in 1984. Performed in "That Uncertain Feeling" in 1985. Played 1st Assistant in "Pulaski" in 1987. Performed in "French and Saunders" in 1987. Played Peter in "Company" in 1996.

What movie and television projects has Garrett Snook been in?

Garrett Snook has: Played Il Niege in "Apollo Z. Hack: A Reviewaverse Saga" in 2010. Played Buck in "Grail" in 2010. Played Skeptical Consumer in "Some Jerk with a Camera" in 2011. Played Il Neige in "Some Jerk with a Camera" in 2011. Played Chris Hansen in "Some Jerk with a Camera" in 2011. Played ( Full Answer )

What movie and television projects has Peter Snook been in?

Peter Snook has: Played Charley Baker in "Division 4" in 1969. Played Bloke in "Division 4" in 1969. Played Pebbles in "Matlock Police" in 1971. Played Jimmy Constable in "Magee and the Lady" in 1978. Performed in "The Adventures of Robin Hood" in 1985. Performed in "Fly with the Hawk" in 1985. Play ( Full Answer )

What movie and television projects has Sarah Snook been in?

Sarah Snook has: Played Sophie in "All Saints" in 1998. Played Jodi Webb in "Packed to the Rafters" in 2008. Played Minna Muller in "My Place" in 2009. Played Crystal in "Crystal Jam" in 2010. Played Lorna Whyte in "Sisters of War" in 2010. Played Antonia in "Spirited" in 2010. Played Debbie Frankli ( Full Answer )

What were baseball player Snooks Dowd's total batting stats for 1919?

In 1919, Snooks Dowd played for multiple teams. In total he played in 14 games, batting in all of them. He had 18 at bats, getting 3 hits, for a .167 batting average, with 6 runs batted in. He was walked 0 times. He struck out 5 times. He hit only singles. In 1919, Snooks Dowd played in 1 game fo ( Full Answer )

What were the pitching stats for baseball player Frank Snook playing for the San Diego Padres in 1973?

In 1973, Frank Snook pitched in 18 games for the San Diego Padres, with an ERA of 3.62. He started 0 games and finished 8, pitching no complete games. He threw no shutouts and recorded 1 save, ending up with 0 wins and 2 losses. He pitched a total of 82 outs, facing 118 batters. He gave up 19 hits ( Full Answer )

When and where did baseball player Frank Snook play?

Frank Snook debuted on July 13, 1973, playing for the San Diego Padres at Jack Murphy Stadium; he played his final game on September 29, 1973, playing for the San Diego Padres at Jack Murphy Stadium.

What has the author Scott A Snook written?

Scott A. Snook has written: 'Friendly fire' -- subject(s): Accidents, Aerial reconnaissance, American, American Aerial reconnaissance, Black Hawk (Military transport helicopter), Case studies, Friendly fire (Military science), Investigation, Leadership, Management, Organizational behavior, United ( Full Answer )

What has the author Jeff Snook written?

Jeff Snook has written: 'A Buckeye season' -- subject(s): Football, Ohio State Buckeyes (Football team), Ohio State University 'Year of the Gator' -- subject(s): Florida Gators (Football team), Football, History, University of Florida 'What it means to be a Buckeye' -- subject(s): Ohio State B ( Full Answer )