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Did you just have one test for STDs? You would need to have at least two tests, three months apart to be sure. Some STDs take some time to develop.

You are not at risk from having an STD that you were tested for from the person you had sex with four years ago. Talk with your doctor and make sure you were throughly tested (some tests, like that for herpes, are not routinely performed in all STD exams). However, tests that are negative now will not later become positive unless you are exposed again.

As long as you were tested more than three months after the contact there is no need to retest. Retesting as the previous answer describes is only done when there is a chance that you may seroconvert after you were tested (seroconvert means to go from negative to positive because there is now enough of what the test looks for in your body to be detected where there wasn't enough initially). That can only happen if you were tested very close to the time you last had sex with someone who might have been infected.

You may wish to be retested if you suspect the test may have been wrong (it is called a false positive and though not common, they can happen), if you presently have symptoms or if you may have been exposed again.

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What can cause Clear discharge from your penis if STD tests are negative?

Then you have nothing to worry about

What can cause burining with urination if STD tests are negative?

you probably have a urinary tract infection (UTI)

What can cause white discharge if STD tests are negative?

It could be a yeast infection. You should consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

What can cause yellow discharge if STD tests are negative?

well, it could be aids...herpes...chlamydia...syphilis...HIV or genital warts

Can a urine culture detect STDs?

No, a urine culture does not test for STDs. Because most STDs have specific culture requirements, special tests are needed. A negative urine culture does not mean that you don't have an STD. If you would like STD testing, ask for the tests specifically.

Does pregnancy affect the accuracy of STD tests?

Pregnancy does not affect the accuracy of STD tests when completed according to standards of practice. The initial RPR screening test for syphilis may be positive during pregnancy, but the normal follow-up treponemal test will be negative if the patient does not have syphilis.

Can you have negative STD tests and still have herpes?

If you have negative serum tests for herpes antibodies, and have had no possible new exosures during the window period, you probably don't have herpes. But to know for sure, you need to ask your health care provider exactly what conditions were tested.

Do antibiotics affect std tests?

Yes, depending on the infection and the antibiotic, they can affect the tests by giving a false negative result. Talk to your health care provider for advice specific to your medication and testing plan.

Should STD tests be mandatory?


How accurate are STD tests?

STD is the acronym for sexually transmitted disease. Testing for STDs is generally quite accurate - the tests have a high sensitivity and specificity.

What std tests will be done when you go to the doctor?

The STD tests that will be done when you go to the doctor will depend on your age, sexual history, and gender. Talk with your doctor about your options.

Can a male get a false negative STD test result?

Yes, any lab test can have false negative or false positive results. Contact your health care provider for information specific to your situation and the tests that you had done.

Is gram negative an STD?

Yes; some STDs are gram negative.

If you and your parter both have tests for STDs and they are negative can you still get STDs?

If both partners test negative, you're unlikely to get any of the STDs for which you were tested. But at this point, there's no test for HPV, and no reliable test for herpes, so you could get an STD even with negative testing.

Can you get a false negative STD test?

No, that is not possible.

Can you have multiple false negatives for 6 years of STD testing?

It sounds unlikely, but individual tests detect specific STDs. If you weren't being tested for the STD you were infected with, then the test would keep coming back negative. There are also some tests that only detect particular sub-types of a specific STD, and so on. Re-testing using the same test every time doesn't improve the odds of detection.

Are you going to pass your math test?

I always pass the tests that I take, even the pregnancy and STD tests (joking).

Had a pap smear blood tests and urine tests and they have all come back negative for STD does that mean?

its means you do not have an STD that was tested with pap, blood or urine testing. You may have other STIs that were not tested for or for which tests aren't available. Talk with your health care provider regarding the exact testing that was done, and what testing was not. (For instance, testing for herpes is usually not helpful unless a patient has a sore, and testing for HPV infection isn't available.)

Do you have herpes if you tested twice and both blood and culture tests came out negative?

No you don't have it if the tests were negative.

What would be the problem with me if Ive taken two std test and they came up negative both times but on top of my penis head and also underneath the shaft still aches?

the tests failed?

Can NuvaRing affect the accuracy of an STD test?

NuvaRing does not affect the accuracy of an STD tests. It may be left in place during testing as usual.

How do you know who gave you an STD?

Could be either one. When was your last negative STD test? And have there been any others?If you have multiple partners, you probably never will know who gave you the STD.No; there is no way to tell for sure.No; if you had only 1 partner it is obvious, multiple it is impossible to tell.If you don't know who gave you an STD you are a whore, (not that there's anything wrong with that), but you should have at least used protection. By the way there are no tests, sucks to be you.That's sad if you can't narrow it down.

Is there any other STD that will show if tested for gonorrhea?

Usually chlamydia is tested for along with gonorrhea, and a HIV test as well. There are specific tests for each STD, and they must be tested separately. No other STD will show up if only one STD is tested for.

Can you take an STD or hiv test?

Yes, at the clinic they take all sorts of tests.

What happens if Coombs' tests are negative?

If the Coombs' tests are negative, the anemia is unlikely to be autoimmune, and the hematologist will have to search elsewhere for a cause