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Golf ClubsRule 4 of the USGA Rules of Golf does not stipulate whether the clubs in a golfer's bag must be either all right-handed or all left-handed clubs. I don't personally know of any ambidextrous pros, but I have known a lot of right-handed golfers to carry a left-handed 5-7 iron to get out of tight spots where a right-handed swing is awkward or impossible. The problem, of course, is which club you are willing to sacrifice to accommodate the extra left-handed club. As you note, you are limited to a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag. Hope that helps.

Going off the top answer here, I have a set of left and right handed clubs. Since i can golf either way and not have a problem. Now, in tournaments I will carry both left and right handed clubs up to 14 which is the allowed number. I swtich every other club because this helps me in different situations. In almost every tournament I have been in they question this and say it is illegal to do. So I carry around a rule book and point out the rulle metioned above. So they always allow it because there is nothing saying you can't. So it is legal but you will more then likely get question about it and as long as they are coming out of your bag and not someone else's it is ok.

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