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Yes you can, but you have to tell your doctor.

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Q: Can you have invisalign while pregnant?
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Can you wear invisalign while you exercise?

Can you wear Invisalign while you exercise? Invisalign is built to withstand lots, including exercise.

Can you where invisalign if you are missing teeth?

Yes you can wear Invisalign if you have missing teeth, your dentist will put this on the Rx they fill out for Invisalign

Can you buy invisalign at a store?

You can buy invisalign at Rite Aid

Is sugar free candy ok with invisalign braces?

As long as you take the Invisalign out and brush your teeth before you put your Invisalign in :)

What can you eat with invisalign?

Anything. When undergoing invisalign treatment you can eat anything you normally would, you just have to take out the invisalign before you eat.

What is the cost of Invisalign?

Invisalign are like invisible braces. The price can vary depending on how long one will need to use Invisalign and how many stages or sets of Invisalign one will need. The prices start at $1,800.

How old do you have to be to get invisalign teen?

To use Invisalign Teen you have to be 13-19 years old. But in some dentest offices you can be 11 and still get Invisalign Teen.

Can a 12 year old get invisalign teen?

You will need to talk with your dentist. Just got my invisalign off and my younger sister is 11 she needs braces but she can't get invisalign.

Are there any cheap invisalign braces?

nope. all Invisalign braces are 5000 dollars and up. if you wanna get regular baces then there in the thousands too. just less then invisalign.

contact telephone number for invisalign headquarters?

The InvisaLign HQ is located in Santa Clara. The phone is 408-470-1000, which is AlignTech, which makes Invisalign. You might want to check out the Invisalign website FAQ section before calling:

Does tricare cover invisalign?


Can you get invisalign if you already have braces?

yes you can, invisalign is soo much better (i am 9 years old) im getting invisalign after the first time i shown my mum everything about it cant wait!

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