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Can you have it were tna can fight their superstars and WWE fight their superstars?


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Yes. it's called: Create A Wrestler.
you can create the TNA Wrestler.

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Because they don't want to wrestle for wwe and want to wrestle for tna!

Because their contracts were up with WWE.

Although many retired WWE talent goes to TNA, there are many new young superstars that start out there.

all the superstars that wwe will fired

Tna has superstars from wwe who lest like ric flir RVD and Tommy dremmer But wwe has still got good superstars like the miz john cena and undertaker A WWE is Better Than TNA yes

Never, as TNA Stars don't want to work for McMahon and Co. (WWE).

Well, Former WWE superstar Shannon Moore has got a contract to TNA impact . I just thought i let u know which tna superstars have returned and joined wwe from tna well r truth is 1 also gail kim joined and christan returned from tna

There both going to TNA. Most of the WWE superstars went to TNA.

They don't, it is just TNA doesn't have as many wrestlers to deal with

Well christian is now back with the wwe and he is now on ecw Also r truth came from tna who is on smackdown

WWE because it has more talent more spectators more entertaining better superstars worldwide exciting events nice segments more hall of famers better titles . TNA sucks it takes ex WWE superstars no entertainment so if they want ex WWE superstars that proves WWE is way better

Because tna just wants to be better. and whats with make the change crap I can tell you this Im a wwe fan 4 life. suk it tna

alot but WWE makes alot more money TNA superstars make about in the millons

Nxt raw wwe superstars smackdown tna

2. R truth and monty brown. Only two Tna originals to come to wwe. Jeff Hardy, Gail kim and Christian all came back to wwe after they left Tna

TNA stands for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Some WWE superstars quit and go to TNA. Like WWE, TNA has many pay-per-view events.Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

no he is in tna go to and a bunch of other wwe superstars went there even trevor murdock went there

raw=105(usa) smackdown=53 tna=spike

one reason could be because TNA and WWE work secretly together. Another reason could be that TNA has less money than WWE though the wrestlers get more money in TNA.

John Cena or any of the WWE or TNA superstars (except the Great Khali) will not be going to India because the WWE and TNA only perform in Japan and the United States.

All WWE superstars and Divas can fight

no it sounds like it but they don'tyes

wwe suparstars go on TNA but tna does not copy WWE

there are about 1,000 WWE Superstars in the world i think about 2,000 wwe superstars in the universe

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