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Q: Can you have lazer eye surgery for far sighted?
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What causes an eye to be a far sighted and near sighted?

the eye causes the eye to be near sighted or far sighted

Does prescription plus 13.50 in left eye and plus 11.50 in the right eye indicate far sighted or near sighted?

far sighted

How much do special lenses cost in cataract surgery?

If i want one eye to be nearsighted and the other far sighted after cataract surgery how much do the special lens cost

Can you be near and far sighted in the same eye?

No, that´s not possible.

What does a far sighted and near sighted eye ball look like compared to a normal eyeball?

Far sighted eyeballs are shorter than usual, and near sighted eyeballs are more elongated than usual.

Is it possible to be short sighted and long sighted at the same time?

Yes it is possible, I am. It is when you are short sighted in one eye and long sighted in the other. Edit- I am also long and short sighted, but in both eyes. I can't see things close up or far away in either eye.

What is the result of the eye being to short?

An eye that is too short typically results in a condition called Hyperopia, or far-sighted. If the eye is too long, it's called myopia, or near-sighted.

What is the standard procedure for laser eye surgery?

Commonly known as LASIK surgery, laser eye surgery typically is fast and involves minimal pain to the person going through the procedure. In layman's terms, eyesight is adjusted as a laser first creates a flap in the cornea, then either flattens it for people with near sighted vision, or makes it steeper for those with far sighted vision. The flap is then laid back into place and healing usually only requires medical eye drops.

Are dogs near-sighted or far-sighted?

Dogs are both. But mostly far sighted

If nearby objects look blurry to you would it be near-sighted or far-sighted?

Far sighted. you can tell this by this way: Near-sighted- you can sight nearby things. Far sighted- you can sight far away things.

Is there eyewear for far sighted vision?

Of course! There is eye wear for every eye condition there is. For example I were corrective eyeglasses for amblyopia.

If you are near and far sighted are you blind?

No, think about it, if you are near sighted you can see near, if you are far sighted you can see far, if you are both you can see both No, think about it, if you are near sighted you can see near, if you are far sighted you can see far, if you are both you can see both

Is Taylor Swift far-sighted?

Taylor swift is far-sighted. she can not read music with out her glasses

What eye conditions does lasik eye surgery correct?

Lasik eye surgery will correct most sight problems. If you have glacoma or an astigmatism the lasik eye surgery cannot be performed. If, however, you have near or far sightedness, this surgery will correct you vision to 20/20.

Why are people short sighted and people long sighted?

people are short sighted when the focal point is before the retina, if the eye is to big or the lens and cornea are not doing their job correctly. Far sightedness is when the focal point is after the retina.

How do eyeglasses help?

Eyeglasses help by focusing the light through the cornea, the clear part of the eye just above the iris (colourd part of your eye).On to the back of the eye called the Retina which is photo sensitive. They can correct the light when it focus too far past the retina, far sighted (hyperopia). Or when the light focus too far in front of the retina, near sighted (myopia).

Where can get laser eye surgery procedures in Akron?

One can get laser eye surgery procedures in Akron from Clear Choice. This is a center that deals with eye surgery to give clearer vision. With laser eye surgery, one does not need to have contact lenses or eye glasses. This type of eye surgery is used to correct problems that has to do with far-sightedness or near-sightedness.

What is the difference in appearance between a near-sighted eyeball and a far-sighted eyeball?

near sighted means you can see near, but far sighted means you only see far Answer The curvature of one or more refractive surfaces of the eye, usually the cornea, prevents light rays from focusing clearly at one point on the retina, resulting in blurred vision. It can be concave or convex.

A human eye is far-sighted when the image falls the retina?

When the image focuses (falls) behind the retina

Does blurred vision mean you are far sighted?

Depends on what's blurry. If it's something close to you then you are far sighted. If it's something far away then you are near sighted.

Is concave lens for near sighted or far sighted?


What is the definition of short-sighted?

carnt see very far carnt see very far

Can you be both near and far sighted?

No, It´s not possible. You can either be near or far sighted. Actually, that is incorrect. Although it's not as common, a person can be both near and far sighted. I know this, because that's exactly what I am. My left eye can see objects clearly up close, but has blurred vision at distance ((myopia). My right eye, however, is the exact opposite (hyperopia). I usually have optometrists amazed when they see my eyeglass prescription has both positive and negative refractions.

Why were the bifocals invented?

they where invented for people who arent far sighted or near sighted so that they can see far and near

Is a convex lens for far sighted or near sighted?

It is for a farsighted, and the concave is for a nearsighted