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Absolutely. As a currently pregnant female, I can feel nauseous the whole day and not vomit once, or feel fine all day and randomly vomit. It is still morning sickness.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-29 18:26:42
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Q: Can you have morning sickness and not throw up?
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Is it normal with morning sickness to throw up after eating?


Why would someone though up every morning?

Someone would throw up, as in puke every morning if they were pregnant and had morning sickness.

Do you have to throw up when you pregnant?

No. Some women are lucky and do not experience a lot of morning sickness.

When feeling like you need to throw up but never do is that considered morning sickness?


When pregnant when do you throw up?

You normally start at about 6 weeks or 5 weeks. 6 is when morning sickness started for me. My morning sickness ended at at 12 weeks. :) -Sara

Do all women throw up when they are pregnant?

No. Many pregnant women do have "morning sickness", but many women have no symptoms.

Can you get morning sickness at 4 weeks pregnant?

yes, you can. its usually later, but your body is going through a lot and your hormones can make you throw up.

If you throw up and you dont eat for few days is you pregnant?

Not exactly, no. That is not a true sign of pregnancy. Morning sickness can be a sign, but not a lack of appetite.

Can you get morning sickness if your not pregnant?

no you can get morning sickness

Did your cat throw up this morning?

No not in the morning but it did in the afternoon.

Could morning sickness make you feel like you need to throw up lasting all night and into the next afternoon?

Yes, but it could also be something else. Morning sickness can happen at anytime of the day or last all day. Or all 9 months.

Do you actually throw up during morning sickness?

nah. With one of my kids, I had just a sickly nausea feeling but never vomited and others I puked for weeks :D

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