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Q: Can you have one car insured by one company and another car insured by some other insurance company?
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What is it called when one insurance company is repaid by another insurance company?

Subrogation, It's basically when an insured's insurance carrier pays for the damage done to their vehicle, even though it was the other parties fault. The insured's carrier will then go after the other parties carrier for reimbursement.

Can you buy a car in another state and have it insured in that other state on the same insurance company you have in your home state?


What is meant by other insured on the claim form?

The term "other insured" is another insured person exists who may cover the patient, the insured person who covers the patient on his or her insurance plan.

Distinguish between double insurance and re-insurance?

Double insurance is when you have something insured by two companies like when a husband and wife both have medical insurance on each other. Reinsurance is when an insurance company will insure the customers of another insurance company when the claims exceed a certain dollar amount. It reduces the risk of catastrophic claims to the insurance company that buys the reinsurance policy from another company.

What is insurance retention?

An insurance retention is the portion of an insurance claim paid by the insured instead of the insurance company. A deductible is a common example of a retention although there are other types of retentions. Retentions allow the insured to reduce insurance premiums whileassuming a portion of the risk being insured.

You have two cars insured by the same company If they collide with each other will a claim be honored?

Absolutely. It is treated just as another claim, which the Insurance co has to honor.

Are you insured to drive other cars which are not insured?

You should double check with your insurance company to see how your policy is written, but usually your insurance would kick in as secondary coverage and you would be covered.

Can an insured driver still sue me after his car was fixed by his insurance?

It is more likely you will be sued by the insured driver's insurance company. Just because the other driver had insurance, that does not exonerate you from having to pay damages if you are liable.

What countries does State Farm life insurance provide service in?

State Farm life insurance is owned by an American company so only people in the United States are about to be insured by them. There are other life insurance companies that you can be insured by if you live outside of the United States.

Is 'significant other' the same as spouse for medicare purposes in California?

This depends on the state laws, and the insurance company. Contact either your states dept of insurance or the carrier you are insured with.

Does the car that's insured pay for the car that is not insured?

In this state, the person who caused the accident is at fault. If the person at fault has insurance then his insurance should fix the other car. Otherwise, in this state, the person at fault owes the money himself to fix the other car. The insurance company will not pay one cent to fix the other car.

What does the term 'insurance collision' mean?

Insurance collision is a form of automobile insurance that covers physical damage. In most situations the insurer pays for the insured injuries, damage to the vehicle of the insured, and if the insured is at fault it pays for the damage to the other vehicle, and the other driver.

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