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can you have pain in the ovary after you have had your tubes tied

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Q: Can you have pain in the ovary after you have had your tubes tied?
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Is it possible to get pregnant when your tubes have been tied since 2000?

Can you get Pregnant with only one tube one ovary and being tied?

Is it possible to have both Fallopian tubes and only one ovary removed and still get pregnant?

You can get pregnant still yes. As long as the tubes aren’t tied.

Had left ovary removed right ovary burnt and tubes tied should you still get your period?

yes. you still have a uterus plus all the hormones that tell your cycle to keep going.

Can you still get pregnant if your tubes is tied?

No, not ususally. There Is Some cases when you get your tubes tied an it doesn't work. but my mom got her tubes tied and there are no problems.

Can you still be pregnant and have your periods with your tubes tied?

If your tubes are tied you are NOT pregnant, but you WILL have a period.

What connects the ovary to he uterus?

The Fallopian tubes, one from each ovary.

Can you get pregnant in the tubes if your tubes are tied?


What is more effective condoms or getting tubes tied?

tubes tied is the best really

Are you required to get an IUD after or before you get your tubes tied?

Getting an IUD is not common if your tubes are tied.

Can you take clomid while your tubes tied?

can you take clomid while your tubes tied

What are the symptoms of pregnancy if you had your tubes tied and suspect that you may be pregnant?

Most of the time it will be a tubal pregnany with a lot of pain.

Are periods worse after tubes tied?

Yes, it causes very much pain in the vaginal area, and probably will have chronic pain on and near the vagina for about a week after.

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