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While any surgery may technically be performed in the presence of a bodily infection, whether at the site of the surgery or distant to the site of surgery, the risks of both the primary site infection progressing and the uninfected surgical site subsequently being innoculated with pathogens from the existing infection increase greatly. Apart from surgery performed specifically to treat a known infection with a beneficial expectation, I would suggest that anyone who would actively dismiss or minimize a known, pre-existing infection, which might severely complicate an elective surgery procedure for the convenience of timing a procedure, is neither an informed nor an appropriate surgical candidate. The current standard of care would dictate all apparent infections be eradicated prior to any elective surgery. Given the inherently low, but real, risks of bleeding, infection, anesthesia risk including death, scarring, skin appearance changes, nasal obstruction, asymmetries or persistent nasal deformities, potential for requiring revision surgery, etc., associated with rhinoplasty in the best of hands, under the best anesthesia and with the best of pre-surgical health and preparation, both the aware patient and the diligent surgeon should strive to optimize the conditions for success which are jointly within their control.

you should ask your dr. But you probably shouldn't have any surgury while you have an infection, it can spread, get worse and conpromise your healing time by the demand it creates on your body. Get an antibiotic from your dentist first to clear up the tooth infection No you cannot.I had a tooth infection and had to take antibiotics for 14 days before rhinoplasty.

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Q: Can you have rhinoplasty surgery while you have a tooth infection?
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What Are The Types of Rhinoplasty?

There are two types of rhinoplasty, and they are open (external) surgery and closed (internal) surgery. Closed surgery is suitable for minor reshaping, while open surgery is appropriate for major nose reshaping.

Can I get general anesthesia and a rhinoplasty done with dental braces on or do the braces have to come off for the surgery?

You should be able to. I had general anesthesia during oral surgery while I had braces.

Can a tooth infection produce chills?

It has scientifically been proven that having chills while having a tooth infection are symptoms of a lethal mental disorder.

What Is Asian Rhinoplasty?

Asian rhinoplasty is a unique type of cosmetic nose surgery that targets the aesthetic imperfections of the Asian nose, as perceived by the individual. While rhinoplasty in general has been around for hundreds of years, Asian Rhinoplasty is a fairly new procedure in the sense that what it attempts to achieve does not follow the conventional standards of "North American" beauty - as what it had done in the past.

What about air travel while on antibiotics for a wisdom tooth infection?

It's fine.

Is it ok to have major surgery with abscess teeth?

Not a Good idea to have surgery while experiencing any type of infection.

Is oral surgery safe with sinus infection?

That has to be decided by your doctor. In most cases they do not like to operate while the patient has a sinus infection but it also depends on your age, the severity of the infection, how necessary the surgery is, and your overall health.

The plastic surgery procedure to change the shape or size of the nose?

The plastic surgery procedure that changes the shape and size of the nose is called, Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic/plastic surgery procedure which allows the patient to either receive surgery to enhance their natural look or to remedy complications within their sinuses. Both treatments are considered Rhinoplasty, while they stem from different needs. Cosmetic Rhinoplasty is just that - cosmetic. The patient does not need the surgery, but elects to undergo it, in hopes that the outcome will be better than when they started. This is primarily based with trying to improve ones self-image and obtain their ideal look. One caveat to this perception is in the event of an injury. To alleviate the possibility for health concerns or general disfigurement, injured faces/noses can often receive Rhinoplasty to correct the issue. The other reason for receiving Rhinoplasty is to correct a deviated-septum. A deviated-septum is a medical condition that is not too common, but definitely not rare. It hinders the patient's ability to breath properly due to an issue in the sinus.

Can a tooth root infection be caused by a dentists mistake while repairing a cavity?

Yes, this is possible.

Can you drink alcohol while taking antibiotics for a tooth infection?

No, it will cancel out the effect the antibiotic is having.

How do you cure a wisdom tooth infection?

To cure a wisdom tooth infection, there are two options.Option 1:If your wisdom tooth is normal, you need to follow a course of antibiotics to get rid off the infection, and maintain oral hygiene in order to avoid getting back such infection.Option 2:If your wisdom tooth is impacted, first you need to follow a course of antibiotics to get rid off the infection, while maintaining oral hygiene in order to avoid getting back such infection, and then get it extracted by an oral surgeon before the impacted tooth outgrows and damages the adjacent tooth.Tooth extraction can be done with just a local anesthesia using nitrous oxide (laughing gas ), or general anesthesia with an injection..


The nerve usually dies because of an infection in the pulp at the centre of the tooth (while this is happening you will have very bad toothache! The dentist will prescribe antibiotics to kill the infection then after a week the tooth is drilled and the puss left in the centre of the tooth is drained out through the tooth using a procedure called a root canal. The now dead tooth is then filled and stabilised.

What is performed to correct damage to the septum of the nose?

Septoplasty is the surgery to correct deviation as well as damage to septum. for damage its done in emergency while for correction of deviation its an elective surgery. When done along-with other corrective changes in nose called Rhinoplasty-Septoplasty or Septorhinoplasty.

Can Cefdinir be used for a tooth infection?

No, it can"t be used due to its significance as atherapeutic agent against anaerobes is unknown while anaerobic bacteria contributing in most of dental infection

Can you remove your decayed tooth while you are pregnant?

Yes, you can have dental surgery while pregnant. The dentist will want a note from the Ob. We try to avoid major surgery involving general anesthesia unless it's medically necessary. Pulling tooth should only require regional anesthesia such as local numbing agents. These drugs should not harm the pregnancy.

How appropriate is surgery for metastatic cancer?

While surgery of metastatic cancer may not increase life, there may be indications for it such as pain relief, obstruction removal, control of bleeding, and resolution of infection.

How appropriate is surgery for metastic cancer?

While surgery of metastatic cancer may not increase life, there may be indications for it such as pain relief, obstruction removal, control of bleeding, and resolution of infection.

How much does a wisdom tooth cost to get pulled?

Php400.00 if the tooth has already came out, its just an extraction. Php1,000.00 for impacted tooth and you pay for medicine to be used, for every impacted tooth that needs minor surgery in government hospitals, while Php 5,000.00 per tooth for private clinics. Xray Fee is Php150.00 This is as of October 14,2007 Philippine Currency

Can antibiotics heal an abscessed tooth enough that a root canal is unnecessary?

Most likely not, as the problem with abscessed teeth is that the tooth is damaged and allowing bacteria into the pulp and root cavity. While antibiotics may clear up the infection for now, they will not prevent another infection after you are off of the antibiotics. Nor will they prevent the tooth from becoming more damaged. Unfortunately, the only cure for a bad tooth is a visit to the dentist or oral surgeon's chair.

What to do for a deep cavity and rotted tooth?

Have a dentist fill the cavity with or without a root canal, and while you're there, have him pull that tooth before the infection goes into the jawbone and you have to have part of your jaw removed. The dentist can also show you how to brush and floss your teeth to slow down further tooth damage.

Is it ok to smoke while healing abscess in mouth?

No it is not ok. It is preferable not to smoke when you have an infection in your mouth. But if you have a tooth extraction, you cannot smoke for at least 72 hours.

What if your tooth hurts?

If your tooth is hurting the short answer is you need to see your dentist. Dental pain can be a symptom of many things from trauma to infection. While the pain may subside after a long period of time....very long....the infection does not. Chronic infections of teeth and the jawbone can be very destructive, painful and cost more to treat in the long run.

Can you have back surgery while recovering from bronchitis?

Can you have back surgery while recovering from bronchitis

Why surgeon often spray some ether on skin while performing minor surgery?

Ether is no longer in use . Alcoholic wipes or iodine and chlorhexidine solutions are used to clean the skin to prevent infection before any Surgery

Does everyone have to get a tooth pulled?

No, sometimes the tooth falls out while you are asleep.